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  1. velvetsunrise

    Gibson 55 wraparound

    I am lucky enough to have an R4 from 2002, i love it. But always fancied a Humbucker variant, anyhow a R5 Hot mod showed up and i bit the bullet...all sorted the seller is about to ship and was just giving it a clean,.....Shit the logo came off!!!!!...FUK..Just my luck, Anybody have a...
  2. velvetsunrise

    WTB shed pickups.

    Looking for a set of Shed humbucker pickups to go in my newly aquired Wildwood R5 wraparound, preferably Paff Daddy's but any Sheds considered. UK or EU. Thanks.
  3. velvetsunrise

    WTD Browntone Hoochee Mama Pedal UK

    Hi, Looking for a Browntone Hoochee Mama Pedal, Preferably in the UK or Europe, but all considered. Thanks.
  4. velvetsunrise

    manalishi pickups and high gain

    Hi. Anybody use the manalishi pickups? How do they perform at high gain? Currently I have a set of 490R 498T fitted to my LP Standard, not everyones cup of tea I know, but I can get some nice tones clean and the bridge is ok at high gain. Just wondering what to expect from the manalishi...
  5. velvetsunrise

    Gibson P90s

    Hi, I have an 02 Gibson R4 goldtop reissue, at presant fitted with Amalfitano P90s, sounds sweet to me, but i have the original Gibson pups and cant help wondering how they sound. How do Gibsons soapbar P90s stack up against the various boutique P90s?
  6. velvetsunrise

    R4 For me.

    Hi, Just taken the plunge and bought an R4, its a full gloss finish. And what a great player it is, serial number is 02. I love it.
  7. velvetsunrise

    54 vos gold top weight relieved?

    Hi Can someone tell me if current production Les Paul 54 VOS goltops are, chambered or weight relieved? Thanks.
  8. velvetsunrise

    57 Les Paul Junior Reissue, Problems.

    Hi, I have this 57 Reissue Junior, great guitar, but took it out of its case a couple of days ago and notice some finish problems on the side edge of the fretboard, the glossy finish is still there, you cant feel any raised edge, but is gone pale as if air has got underneath, almost as...
  9. velvetsunrise

    Les Paul Junior 57 vos maybe?

    Hi, I have bad gas for a les paul junior. How do they compare sound wise, to a full thickness body Les Paul, i hear that p90s sound better on a thinner body guitar?? Are the vos junior models worth the extra dosh? How fat are the necks on the 57 vos juniors? Any pics anyone? I...
  10. velvetsunrise

    Schaller GTM Bridge

    Hi looking to replace the standard Gibson Nashville bridge on my 01 LPS, with the Schaller GTM 45060 My main concern is the string spacing, schallers website has 10.5mm string to string, so 52.5mm E-E, i have measured my bridge and my string spacing seems to be a tiny bit less than this...
  11. velvetsunrise

    Fender CIJ ST68

    Thought you might like a peep.
  12. velvetsunrise

    Replace pickups in my 2001 Standard

    Hi, a bit of advice wanted, i have a 2001 Les Paul Standard, i was perfectly happy with its sound , until that is i purchased a cheepish Epiphone 56 gold top, with the p90 pickups. After comparing the two, the epi just seems more responsive to pick attack, and a generally more lively expressive...
  13. velvetsunrise

    First Les Paul.

    Hi, everyone, ive been lurking around the forum for quite a while now, and enjoyed reading all your posts.:wave: I have tried quite a few of Les Paul copys over the years, but never really got on with them, always gone back to my old fender, until i tried the real thing that is. So took...

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