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  1. Underliner6

    Les Paul Custom Serial

    Can anyone verify what year this Les Paul Custom is from the serial number? Would it be a 2010? Thank you in advance! Jim
  2. Underliner6

    FS: Orange Rocker 30

    For Sale is a Mint Orange Rocker 30. I bought it a few months ago, and have rarely used it. Sounds great. Flawless inside and out. 1,000 dollars shipped to your door.
  3. Underliner6

    Marshall 1936 2x12 Cabinent

    Up for Sale is a 1998 Marshall 1936 2x12 Cabinent. Has two 12" Celestion G12T75 speakers. 150 watts. Excellent condition. No tears in the tolex or grill. Sounds great and has never been abused. $400.00 shipped to your door. -Jim
  4. Underliner6

    Orange Rocker 30

    For Sale is a Mint Orange Rocker 30. I bought it a few months ago, and have rarely used it. Sounds great. Flawless inside and out. Will come in original Orange Box with manuals and case candy. $1,300.00 shipped to your door. -Jim
  5. Underliner6

    Something I wrote.

    YouTube - JAM Just wrote this short song. I kind of like the sound of it. Using me New Boss CH-1 Chorus Pedal. Not my best effort, only recorded my first try at the song. :dude:
  6. Underliner6

    Gibson Les Paul Custom

    Im looking for a Custom Shop Les Paul Standard or a Custom. Im not really interested in reissues. Im basically open to any color except Custom's with a cherry sunburst finish. Thanks!!! -Jim
  7. Underliner6

    90's vs 2000's--Classics

    I know all this is opinion, but I'm looking for facts. Are 90's classics better than the newer 2000 models. I have heard from many that 90's gibson quality was better than the current quality and the first run classics were the best. I have also heard the first run classics were...
  8. Underliner6

    F/S 1987 Westone XA-1440

    For sale is a 1987 Westone XA-1440. Great Condition! Barely any scratches and just a few small nicks. There is minimal fret wear and has a very thin neck with a flatter radius for shredding. Oiled rosewood neck with 22 frets, dot inlays and bound body. Bendmaster Deluxe Tremolo...
  9. Underliner6

    Ngd!!!!! :d

    Just recieved my 1987 Westone XA-1440 Corsair Deluxe today! It sounds great, and is phenominal quality.I Cant get her out of tune even when im doing dive bombs on the "floyde". I Just what i expected from a westone! Got her off ebay, and im super pleased. Heres some pics! :dude:
  10. Underliner6


    Lets see your old Westone Electrics!
  11. Underliner6

    Why is 59 the "Holy Grail"?

    Why are 1959 Les Pauls the most sought after Les Paul ever made, and the Holy grail? In 1957, there was the first Les Paul with PAF's so why isnt that that the "Holy Grail" of Les Pauls? I dont reall see why a 1959 Les Paul is any more special or more appealing than a 1958 or 1960...
  12. Underliner6

    Back Grain

    While taking some pics outside of my GT, I relised that my LP has really awesome wood grain on its back. I have never really seen black markings on the back of a Les Paul before. Sometimes it seems people only pay attention to the top of the guitar, and not the back. Lets see some of those...
  13. Underliner6

    Fender Deville

    I just got a trade offer for a mint 2005 60th anniversary Fender Hot Rod Deville 2x12. I really know nothing about these amps, but that they have a great clean sound. Is the Deville a fair trade for my DSL? Thanks for being patience with my trading inexperience, i just dotn want to get ripped...
  14. Underliner6

    Zakk Wylde

    I am really digging this jam right now. Thought i would share. :D Enjoy
  15. Underliner6

    Gear Ratios on Tuners

    I am looking to buy a set of Grover Rotomatics. There is 14:1 and 18:1 gear ratios. The description says the 18:1 is finer? Does that mean it stays in tune better or what? Please tell me the differences between 14:1 and 18:1 tuners. Thanks! -Jim
  16. Underliner6

    Do Nice Guys Finish Last?

    Do they?
  17. Underliner6

    plugging a microphone into my amp

    I have started a new band, but we have no microphone or speakers. I dont really want to spend a few hundred bucks on a good microphone and speakers to sing into. I have a line spider III 15 watt combo, which i would like to use as my speaker. My friend used to have a little cheapy microphone...
  18. Underliner6

    Craigslist E-Mail

    I have my DSL-100 listed on craigslist. So, I open my E-mail this morning and get this. I even have the E-mail adress from the guy who sent it to me, i dont really know what i should do about this. His E-mail adress is [email protected] and his name is Ronnie Akers. :wtf: is all i can...
  19. Underliner6

    Different guitars changing your style?

    When i bought my Les Paul, i stopped playing my Mexican Fender Stratocaster completely. I thought there was no reason to play a mexican strat when i could be playing my Gibson. I didnt pick up my strat for two years at all. Well a couple of days ago, i spent 5 bucks and bougth some new Ernie...
  20. Underliner6

    F/T F/S Mint Marshall DSL-100

    Up for trade (preferably) is my 1998 Marshall DSL-100 head. It is in mint condition cosmetically except for a little tiny bit of tarnish on the back plate, but it is barely noticable unless in direct light. It has brand new JJ tubes in it, which were professionally installed and biased. I bought...

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