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  1. chriseskew24

    2011 Les Paul Traditional nice flame top

    Up for sale is my 2011 Les Paul traditional plus top. Guitar has next to no fret ware comes with all the case candy and is stock as far as I can tell. One know has a spider crack but does not affect functionality and is secured snugly on the pot. Really not much else to mention maybe some...
  2. chriseskew24

    pawn stars guitar!

    Isn't this the guitar that was on pawn stars?
  3. chriseskew24

    The alltime best PAF tone

    comes from a telecaster :laugh2: Seriously though I recently purchased a baja tele "the thing smoke btw" I highly recommend the baja I like it better then my PRS mainly because of the fat V neck, ok I am going off track. So I have been playing with it for a while and come to the conclusion...
  4. chriseskew24

    Staining top nightmare. Need help

    Alright guys well some of you may remember the Greco project I started. Well I am at the staining stage this is attempt # 3 and it sucks but thats beside the point. I have areas that won't accept the stain. Almost like the router gouged the top in areas when being built. I have sanded my ass...
  5. chriseskew24

    1982 Greco Project

    Up for sale is a project guitar I just dont have time to finish. This one is pretty different in a few ways It has FIB, Some Flame on the top, still needs sanding as you can see. While stripping a little of the binding got worn down pretty thin at the belly curve and has a few marks / small...
  6. chriseskew24

    Greco Refinish// Back on track/// I Hope :)

    Well guys I decided my 1982 Greco needed a refinish as it was pretty beat up and I hated the color. I started stripping 2 days ago and I think I am messing up. I used a heat gun and straight blade. I have put little nicks allover the guitar from the blade and some of the stain didn't come...
  7. chriseskew24

    FS/FT 1994 PRS McCArty (First Year Production)

    Up today is my 1994 PRS McCArty. This one has a super nice top couple of little nicks here and there but not bad I would rate the finish a 8.5 of 10 This guitar holds tune better then anything I have played ever. Has the slim PRS Neck comes equipped with the original HSC which is in very...
  8. chriseskew24

    Cheaper Gear

    Man I have been strictly playing my PRS McCarty, Greco 59/70, and American Std Strat Lately. Tonight I decided to plug in the old CV Telecaster this damn 300.00 dollar guitar never ceases to amaze me. I haven't played it in probably 5 months, plugged it in tuned her up and it's love allover...
  9. chriseskew24

    Friends don't let friends get tattooed

    when there 17. Bwhaha. I have been working on a monster cover up tattoo that spans my arm, chest, and rib cage. I made some very poor decisions as a younger man and put things on my body I was not very proud of and did not like my kids seeing. Luckily I have a good friend that happens to be a...
  10. chriseskew24

    Freaking out

    Well guys I am officially freaking out. Just found out my wife is pregnant again. We just had our first a year and a half ago. I am really freaked out. I just started a business this past year, it is going well but hope I can continue to make it grow and pay the bills. I know I am not the...
  11. chriseskew24

    The 80's

    Fvcking Rocked I loved the music. It's like the decade that they mastered Rock and roll. Technical music great lyrics and absolutely the best vocal there ever was IMHO//// ALso lets not forget the girls in there videos :) What are some of your favorites? Cinderella - Gypsy Road - YouTube...
  12. chriseskew24

    Music theory

    I hate it.
  13. chriseskew24

    Jackson MIJ shredder

    Just picked up this Jackson Dinky. Never thought I would own a shredder but lately have been lusting for one and at this price I thought what the hell. Any experience with these? I am wondering how those Jackson pups are. Wish me luck 1996 Jackson Dinky Reverse Made in Japan NR | eBay
  14. chriseskew24

    Budda Zenman OD/Boost with Video

    Well first off I normally dont do reviews unless a product really wows me and doesn't have much exposure yet. This pedal checks off both of those categories. The ZenMan has some very nice features including vintage and phat tone circuits and a independent clean boost giving you two pedals in...
  15. chriseskew24

    This is how you open a show

    Just came across this concert of SRV. The man is a freaking genius as most of you know! If nothing else watch the first 10 minutes freaking amazing! Stevie Ray Vaughan Live at the El Mocambo 1983 - YouTube
  16. chriseskew24

    Coil tap now out of phase in middle need help!

    Ok so I added a coilt tap to my 1994 McCarty PRS got it all working perfect except now the middle position is out of phase. How do I correct this? Do i need to flip the magnet? Thanks
  17. chriseskew24


    Ok well here is how the story goes I have been lusting for a PRS nearly 20 years. From the first time I saw one on the wall at my local guitar shop I have wanted one. Always thought that they were the sexiest of all guitars ever made but always out of my budget. I have owned Gibsons, Strats...
  18. chriseskew24

    Why oh why

    would they do this to the guitar? Give me a plan top, give me a flame top but please don't mix the two. 1973 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe cherry sunburst maple top humbuckers | eBay
  19. chriseskew24

    How in the hell do people stay married?

    I am ready to throw in the towel. Every f&$king time I play lately she is in here within 5 minutes can you turn it down, I have really sensitive ears blah blah blah. If I was cranking it up that would be one thing but I am playing at bedroom levels. My only release in life is my playing. I...
  20. chriseskew24

    NCD (New Car Day)

    Just got the wife a very gently used Cadillac CTS! This freakin car flies. I mean o-60 in nothing flat. 306 HP direct inject engine and a interior to die for. Crazy nice car I love it. Wifey may have to learn how to drive my truck and i'll have to stick my ladder racks on the caddy! :laugh2...

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