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  1. tintin

    Most under rated Acoustic guitars that are affordable.

    These puppys really rock! Great sound, tough as nails, never need tuning! I've had my CA for just over a year, I play it every single day, and I've tuned it about 5 times, total.
  2. tintin

    In the Key Of..

    This might help.
  3. tintin

    Help and advice needed

    Go way slow- slower than you even think you need to, at first. Practice with as perfect technique as you can, as slowly as necessary, at first. It won't sound great, at first, but it will, with time and practice.
  4. tintin

    Most versatile guitar

    Acoustic electrics.
  5. tintin

    Useful method of learning the guitar neck notes

    Thanks, although a bit late for me. I've learned the notes through idiotic, haphazard repetition and playing, mostly.
  6. tintin

    Finger tips on fret wire, back of fret, or anywhere within the box?

    Whatever works, I guess, but I always try to get just behind the fret. Usually sounds better, especially on acoustic guitar.
  7. tintin

    F Shape with thumb over top

    Fun technique, but what matters most is how it sounds, IMO, anyway. I use both traditional and "Hendrix" style grips, although I play mostly acoustic these days.
  8. tintin

    Incredibly basic BEND question - the end of the bend.

    Oddly, I think (not near a guitar right now) I mute 'em with my picking hand. I'll have to check this out more closely next time I'm playing.
  9. tintin

    Guitar Practice Question...

    Happens to me all the time. Agree totally with above comments regarding sleep integration. Reminds me even short practice sessions can pay off in the long run.
  10. tintin

    acoustic songs.

    Simon and Garfunkel, Woody Guthrie, Arlo Guthrie, Neil Young, etc.
  11. tintin

    acoustic songs.

    As above plus Cat Stevens, Van Morrison, Led Zep (except SWTH ;)), Byrds, Tommy Emmanuel, Leo Kottke, Grateful Dead, Robert Johnson, Lonnie Johnson, Lightnin' Hopkins, etc.
  12. tintin

    Any knows any good online lessons for learning guitar?

    2+ Nicely organized, thorough, documented. I've sent him a fair amount in donations.
  13. tintin

    What's your practice regimen?

    Scales Rhythm Archepeggios Soloing techniques (riffs, licks, bends, harmonics) Songs or just messing around.
  14. tintin

    I Have Gone To The Dark Side My Friends......

    Love the Strat for comfort, size, weight, balance, but go back to the LPs for the tone.
  15. tintin

    Songs that everybody should learn/play

    Agree with most of the above: Johnny B. Goode Wish You Were Here Iron Man Crazy Train Back in Black House of the Rising Sun Dust in the Wind Stairway to Heaven Black Dog Whole Lotta Love Over the Hills and Far Away Love in Vain Hey Joe Purple Haze Voodoo Child Satisfaction Norwegian Wood...
  16. tintin

    Fashion and Style?

    NYT Gift Guide
  17. tintin

    new finger problem

    I think you'll be surprised at how much your finger fretting span can increase over time.
  18. tintin

    Beginner to Intermediate

    In addition, one's skill in one area may be advanced, but novice in another.
  19. tintin

    Scale Reference Guide

    Here's one fer ya.
  20. tintin

    On the search of a low action acoustic! Urgent!

    They don't look like a J-200 or a D-28, but Composite Acoustics guitars (carbon fiber) have low action and are terrific IMO. Had mine since August 1st, played it at least 2 hours every day since then, tuned it twice!

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