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  1. chazza

    NOT a Bald Eagle

    That's an osprey.
  2. chazza

    2020: Wew Lads... The Hits Just Keep Coming. What's Next?

  3. chazza

    Ice Age.

    We are in one now. Any period when there are ice sheets is an ice age. We are currently in an inter glacial period (a relatively warm blip within an ice age). For the majority of Earth's history there has been no ice at the poles.
  4. chazza

    Beatles Collection

    Nice collection! I was a big fan when I was younger and had all of the UK studio LPs and 45s. I kind of lost interest after a while and gave all the LPs to my cousin who was just getting into them. I still have all the 45s somewhere though.
  5. chazza

    Love, Death and Robots...

    Yes. That's the one.
  6. chazza

    Where are you at right now? Show a picture

    Went for a walk today and ended up here: That is the 16th Century manor house at Littlecote. It is where Henry VIII met Jane Seymour, his 3rd wife. It was also requisitioned by the 101st Airborne as one of their HQs in the run up to D-Day. Just around the corner are the ruins of a Roman...
  7. chazza

    Love, Death and Robots...

    Some episodes were great, some were a bit naff. There are a couple that are adaptations of short stories by Alastair Reynolds, they were very good. And the one with the chase through Hong Kong was excellent.
  8. chazza

    Iranian navy sinks one of its own ships.
  9. chazza

    Covid-19 in MLP

    My uncle died from it a couple of weeks ago. His funeral was last Thursday. We watched on a webcast as the service was restricted to 10 people.
  10. chazza

    Has this ever happened to anyone else?

    Gin sometimes made me depressed. Whisky made me aggressive and violent. Long story short - all alcohol made me an idiot and I haven't touched a drop since I figured that out.
  11. chazza

    Panicked man accidentally ejects himself from fighter jet at 2,500 feet

    The version of the story I read said that his straps weren't tightened up right and he floated out of the seat during a high G manoeuvre and grabbed the handle under his seat to pull himself back down...
  12. chazza

    COVID19-thread (Title change, Thread for serious info only).

    I am under the western approach flight path for Heathrow airport. Usually one plane every 4 minutes. This week there are about 3 per hour.
  13. chazza

    Pix of your last gig...

  14. chazza

    COVID19-thread (Title change, Thread for serious info only).

    Abbey Road zebra crossing repainted in coronavirus lockdown Council workers take advantage of the empty streets to spruce up the crossing featured on the cover of the 1969 Beatles album
  15. chazza

    Who has a guitar in his/her office?

    I am working from home right now so it is more accurate to say that I have an office in my guitar space.
  16. chazza

    Virus Conspiracy, Travel, Prepping, Bitching

    Thread merging
  17. chazza

    Has the US Fed eliminated all incentive to save

    Spending and debt are what drive modern western economies.
  18. chazza

    COVID19-thread (Title change, Thread for serious info only).

    First UK death yesterday. It was in the Royal Berkshire hospital in Reading, which is approximately a quarter of a mile from the office I am sitting in right now. The deceased was elderly and in poor health, but had not been anywhere near China / Italy / Iran, which means it was a person to...
  19. chazza

    Happy Women’s History Month!

    "encouraging the study, observance and celebration of the vital role of women in American history " Sounds good. What do we do for the other 29.5 days?

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