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  1. Gar

    NGD 2021 Gibson 61 SG Standard

    Got this today, brand new. Played it in the shop next to one with a vibrato and preferred the stop tail. Was suprised at how well the vibrato model performed though, not everything you read on the internet is true. This weighs 6lbs 7oz and has a nice slim neck that you can get all the way up on...
  2. Gar

    NGD Black Classic

    I had a 2011 Goldtop Traditional....didn't like how heavy it was, the binding was scraped badly, the headstock shape was badly carved. So I got a 2016 Traditional, it was lightburst, lighter weight, chunky neck.....I grew to hate the colour and top, I didn't like the neck shape, too thick and it...
  3. Gar

    Found Cassette -How do I transfer it to PC?

    Found a cassette today. Was blown away as I never knew it existed. At first I thought it was a Nirvana bootleg, then I realised it was me at age 15/16 at school. Then the drums kicked in, wait what? Who the hell is that. Then the next song started, wait there's more than 1? 6 songs later.... I...
  4. Gar

    NGD + 'Other Gibsons' Collection pic

    Just added a Gibson Firebird V 2004 with banjo tuners to my collection. Played an entire gig with it the day after I got it. Didn't even use my main Les Paul that night. Love the clarity and power of the firebird, like a strat on steroids.
  5. Gar

    Fuzz Face Collection

    Just added the black Bonamassa Fuzz Face to my collection of Dunlop Fuzz Faces. Just wanted to share here for anyone who appreciates it. Didn't have a zinc chloride but running the black one on an alkeline battery produced a nice smooth fuzz that cleans up well. It's the tamest fuzz of the...
  6. Gar

    New V Day

    Actually got this last week. Classic white 67 reissue with ebony board, 2001 model. I already own an explorer with the same pickups but it's suprising how different they sound. The V has alot more mid range and the explorer has a bit more low end but still similar. The v is light and balances...
  7. Gar

    NGD - Gibson Custom Shop Trini Lopez

    Aplogies for the mobile pic with bad light, it's cherry in real life but after waiting in all day it's just arrived this evening! This is my DREAM guitar. One of 250 made and my first Gibson Custom Shop. Fit and finish is flawless, playability is awesome. Had a quick plug in to test it works but...
  8. Gar

    NGD - Ampeg Dan Armstrong.

    I knew this would be good but this has exceeded expectations. The humbucker sounds awesome, but the single coil is WOW. No pun intended, but the clarity is awesome with drive. You can hear every note. Love it.
  9. Gar

    Another Fuzz Face

    Just received the Eric Johnson Fuzz Face to my slow growing collection of Fuzz Faces. Love the sound of this one, smooth and wooly on the low notes like the Bonamassa but with spit and fire on the highs like the blue Hendrix one. Could be my favourite of the bunch.
  10. Gar

    NFFD (Fuzz Face)

    Just got the full size Band Of Gypsies Fuzz Face, have yet to plug it in. Different circuit to a normal fuzz face but should be good, I like that sort of thing. Wanted to show off my small collection of Fuzz Faces so please feel free to post pics of your Fuzz Faces. Cheers
  11. Gar

    NGD - 7 String Universe

    My first 7 string, never played one before. Haven't had chance to plug in yet as I unboxed it last night when I got in from work. The quality of this thing is amazing. Frets are so smooth and the neck feels great. Light weight too. Look forward to exploring the 7 string universe.
  12. Gar

    NPD Hendrix Fuzz Face

    Fancied a Silicon Fuzz so treat myself to the Jimi. Love the Bonamassa, had it a while. One Silicon, one Germanium. Both sound great with the Les Paul, the Hendrix being slightly brighter, gainier and also works well with the Strat. The Bonamassa doesn't work as well with the Strat. Overall I...
  13. Gar

    Sunday Roast

    Love a good Sunday dinner. My Mam cooked one every Sunday without fail. Everyone's Sunday dinner tastes different even using the same ingredients. My Granny used to use Yorkshire pudding mix to thicken the gravy, my mates Mum did bread sauce. My mother in law blended the veg and my Gramps used...
  14. Gar

    Ordered some new Bareknuckle pickups.

    I wanted some double cream pafs for my Gibson Light burst 2016 Traditional. Went back and forth between safe and predictable outcome Dimarzio 36th (have one in a mockingbird) and a boutique winder. I wanted a UK builder preferebly due to cost of import etc. Even in the UK there are no end of...
  15. Gar

    Pedal board cable management.

    I'm new to this pedal board thing, have been using one for just under a year. I have a 2 channel amp but have delay, chorus, flange and phase. Thinking of trying them in the fx loop. So I'd have guitar into tuner, compressor then out. That's 2 longish leads. Then two longish leads for the loop...
  16. Gar

    Compressor suggestions needed

    Hi, I have a Les Paul Trad with '57 classics and a Mesa Boogie Express 5:50. I am looking for a compressor to do: a; Funky clean rhythm for 1 song we play. b; to smooth out harsh treble/ attack /peaks in some solos (Mesa on burn channel for smooth lead sound) MXR Dynacomp, favourite with...
  17. Gar

    NAD - Mesa Boogie Express 5:50+

    Apologies for the low quality phone pic. Sold my Fender Bassman and Gibson SG today. The money I got paid for this. It is used but absoloubtly mint. Has the cover and footswitch. It is physically smaller and lighter in weight than the bassman, lighter than the vox ac30. It is a grown up, pro...
  18. Gar

    New old strat day

    Was a Fender player for years but never bonded with strats. Never a fan of the bridge pick up. Being a Nirvana fan and having owned mustangs and jags etc I fancied a black strat with rosewood neck like Cobain's vandalism strat. Found a late 80's Japanese standard strat, right era for a Cobain...
  19. Gar

    Thinking of getting a 2016 Trad.

    Hi there. In 2011 when I bought my first trad Ip I was undecided between HCS and a gold top. Sight unseen HSC was risky so I went with the gold. In the back of my mind I have always wanted a burst. Looking on websitres now many of them show actual stock pics, one shop has 15 HCS all...
  20. Gar

    One guitar/ 2separate amps.

    Hi, I have a Vox AC30 and a Fender Bassman. Let's say I wanted to use the vox for clean and bassman for drive with an a/b box. If I switch between the amps with an a/b box but never use in stereo are ground loops an issue? I have searched but only found pages addressing 2 amps at the same time...

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