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  1. LickHunter

    Who has the oldest les paul here ??

    Is it possible to post some pics? I would love to see it :D
  2. LickHunter

    Who has the oldest les paul here ??

    I posted a thread asking to see your 2013 LP's so I thought it would be sweet to see some of the oldest axes out there too.. ?? :cool:
  3. LickHunter

    Show us ur' 2013 Les ....

    Post a pic of your 2013 model les Paul... I thought it would be good to see the new guitars sold this year and check out the range :thumb:
  4. LickHunter

    Let's see the run of the mills you have converted into historic territory

    2012 Standard, then i replaced toggle switch for a 50's style with single conductor braided wire. Replaced the PCB circuit board for a 50's style wire harness with bumble bee capacitors, replaced the pups with Seymour Duncan Slash Pro 2's, replaced the chrome pegs with cream tunning pegs...
  5. LickHunter

    How much did you pay for your first lp?

    After 30yrs of playing LP copies I played a mates 2000 classic and ran out and bought a Gibson the next week (March 2013), a brand spanking new 2012 standard / light burst I paid $3,300 AUS. I then ripped out the wiring, changed it for a MSSC 50's harness and Seymour D pickups. Haven't played my...
  6. LickHunter


    Considering different inlay materials used and the string coming into contact with timber sometimes and inlay at other times, does fret board material really change the tone that much?
  7. LickHunter

    Covered, Black or Zebra on Trans Amber Classic?

    Double cream or reverse zebra for me...
  8. LickHunter


    Just curious, With the plek system on all new les pauls. if you had a good setup job done on your standard what would be the differences between a custom and a standard or a studio for that matter (other than binding) ??
  9. LickHunter

    Tone change with latest Standard weight relief?

    My 2012 Standard weighs about 9.3 pounds. Has a sweet ring to it when unplugged and rocks plugged in. With 50's wiring and slash pups it sounds as sweet as my mates 2000 classic and weighs about the same. in fact he prefers my guitars tone but its hard to say when the pups have been changed. But...
  10. LickHunter

    My Current Rig. Whats yours?

    2012 Standard / 50's wiring / Slash pro pups. Crate V33 vintage style tube amp, spring reverb. Digitech RP355 processor.
  11. LickHunter

    Anyone have a cobra?

    that is one sweet guitar :thumb:
  12. LickHunter

    "50's" wiring Les Paul noise..?

    I have a 50's wire harness (MSSC) and have no hum at all, even at high gain levels. I think there have been a lot of 50's Gibson's played at high gain through the 60's and onwards without issue :shock:
  13. LickHunter

    '99 Epi Customs or '11 Gib Studio 60's Tribute

    TRADE TRADE TRADE! As said the Gibson will hold its value and studios really do play well :thumb:
  14. LickHunter

    Gibson Humbucker Poll

    I have 496r / 500t in one guitar... love the 496r it has sweet sound, but i'm not keen on the 500t, its way too harsh for me. Also have BB pro's in a 2012 standard.. and yes I find the Bridge too bright and the neck not as sweet as the 496r. I wasn't keen on the circuit board wiring in the...
  15. LickHunter

    Martin custom six string harness

    Hey dude, I don't feel there is a point considering with the new pickups it will not allow a decent before and after comparison of the Matt's Harness. Just trust your instincts and go with a MSSC wire harness, with all the care put into part selections, quality workmanship and a choice of...
  16. LickHunter

    Martin custom six string harness

    Yes, cheers Matt... you provide a much appreciated service! I'm dropping guitar/harness/toggle and slash pickups in to my luthier on Wednesday. Should be jamming by the weekend :slash:
  17. LickHunter

    Sound like Slash Les Paul for left-handed

    Ok i'm treading dangerous ground here, many will shoot me down but: 1. Buy a L/hand 2013 traditional , I believe they aren't weight relieved. (maybe light burst, for I feel they are the closest to some of slash's guitars, mine is light burst) 2. pull out all electrics and get in contact with...
  18. LickHunter

    Martin custom six string harness

    Just received my custom wire harness from MSSC, The workmanship is great! CTS 550K Premium Custom Audio Taper Potentiometers with 9% Tolerance for both volume positions. These are not your standard issue CTS pots. These premium pots are spec'd at 550K to ensure that pots meter no lower than...
  19. LickHunter

    Date of this Hohner?

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone could give me a date when made and what country it was made. I have changed Knobs from black to cream and also added pickguard but it was drilled for it prior. Hohner L-75 Professional Sorry about quality of pics...

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