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  1. bluesoul

    House of Hammer

    Looks like a documentary about Armie Hammer comming soon. Release date Sept 2nd. I had not heard about the allegations etc. Hell I had never heard of this actor. Some wierd ass and shocking shit has been going on according to alleged victims.
  2. bluesoul

    The fishing thread

    Show em! Or tell a lie if it got away!
  3. bluesoul

    Oklahoma Man Says Bigfoot Made Him Kill His Fishing Partner, Police Say › oklahoma-man-says... I totally get that!
  4. bluesoul

    Late 60's early 70's strats. show them!

    Love these strats from the late 60's and early 70's. The early 70's even with the changes are often great guitars without the hefty price. Here are 3. 68 and two 74's. The one with a maple neck now has a RW board neck becuase I am a rosewood guy (maple neck is stored away).
  5. bluesoul

    Chicago Music exchange Great service!

    I have made many small purchases in the past from CME...this was a fist time buying a guitar online from them. I was a bit blown away how quickly and painlessly the process was. Found a 74 strat, made an offer and quickly was communicating with a sales person and working to get the thing done...
  6. bluesoul

    She’s a killer N(vintage) SD

    68 Strat. This one has the juice!
  7. bluesoul

    Furries: Discuss

  8. bluesoul

    Incoming x 2

    I love Blackface Fenders...I have had multiples of most but never a Vibrolux reverb. And I could not resist the Vibro champ. Both from the same shop and arriving tomorrow it appears!
  9. bluesoul

    I feel like a dumb ass when I?

    I walk up and try to unlock someone elses truck in the parking lot because it looks like mine! Whos does this? Me....and I really look bad when there is someone it it!
  10. bluesoul

    She tried to chew my headstock!

    The guitar and the little beast! I am doing the lap couch TV thing... lay the guitar down on the couch with the headstock hanging over the edge.... I hear the teeth! Shit man... I quickly put a halt to it... and inspect. All good.... just in time. So.... lesson learned: Don’t trust the bitch...
  11. bluesoul

    NGD 2009 Faded tobacco R8

    Love to tobacco burst's so...I needed another...twins! The twin(2005 R8)
  12. bluesoul

    Tiger King's' Joe Exotic resentenced in murder-for-hire case

    He didn't even kill the bitch....just sayin! 21 years?
  13. bluesoul

    Apple adds pragnant man emoji to catalogue!

  14. bluesoul

    Serial Number question

    I have noticed that serial numbers can be 5 or 6 digits. Example: R 8123 (123rd produced) R81234 (no space between the R and the number) 1234th produced? When you see 6 digets does that mean the number of guitars produced that year has reached 1000 (or higher)...
  15. bluesoul


    44.2 points per game ... NCAA record that experts don’t see being beaten. No 3 point line? It is studied that with a 3 point line he gets 57 a game. Most say he brought flash and showmanship to the game. 6.5 and could handle the ball.... overall stats are impressive. Watching Pete play was...
  16. bluesoul

    Players opting out?

    What do you think about top college players opting out of the biggest game of the year? Yes... opting out of a bowl game. I am old school and it makes me think of a girl I once knew named “Karen”! Cross thread points for using “Karen”....yes?
  17. bluesoul

    The Wildlings

  18. bluesoul

    New pup tomorrow! NPD

    My son and girlfriend are picking up this girl up tomorrow .... kind of a late Christmas present for me!
  19. bluesoul

    NGD 2005 faded Tobacco burst R8

    She is a killer! Bought this from a member here... T Willis. perfect transaction... 5 star+ feedback!
  20. bluesoul

    Member feedback

    Is there a way to let members know about transactions between members that provide feedback? I recently had a very pleasant and smooth transaction with a member and would like to share that for others who might in the future want to know about someone on the other end of a deal!

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