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  1. Scream And Fly

    The BEST way to remove knobs.

    I just thought to post this in case it helps some of you. :) I know there are several methods for removing knobs - most of which involve using a tool or wedge with a cloth against the guitar body and prying the knob off. Even with that method, I feel it is still possible to dent or damage...
  2. Scream And Fly

    Custom Lite profiteering on Ebay

    As expected, and people are buying them up. Check out how many Custom Lites this seller sold and the prices he got for them. He doesn't say anywhere that he's a Gibson Dealer and I'm curious how he was able to get so many. He made some good money on those.
  3. Scream And Fly

    Something Interesting: Brand New 2000 Ibanez RG-570 - NEVER played

    I won't get into the story on it now but this 2000 or 2001 RG-570 has never been played - and I really mean never. I am not positive on the year - maybe somebody can tell me based on the serial number. It is Japanese-made. The pickups still have the protective plastic on them and the only time...
  4. Scream And Fly

    [pics] Les Paul Custom Lite with TP-6

    I put these tailpieces on all of my Gibsons. I think it looks good on the new LPCL.
  5. Scream And Fly

    NGD - Les Paul Custom Lite (pics)

    What a great guitar. This is my second LPCL - I owned a 1987 model and sold it over 10 years ago and regretted it ever since. This one is great, and the setup was absolutely great. Intonation is near-perfect. No finish flaws, though the toggle switch was crooked but that was an easy fix...
  6. Scream And Fly

    Well this didn't take long

    2013 Gibson USA Government Series Explorer Limited Edition Only 100 Made | eBay
  7. Scream And Fly

    Did Gibson stop making Explorers and Flying Vs?

    Seems like nobody has Explorers or Flying Vs in stock. I mean the regular ones, not the Government thing or the signature models.
  8. Scream And Fly

    New Explorer Trem came (pic)

    Really cool guitar - two things though: 1. The trem was not set up at all - not even close to tune either. Kind of surprising. 2. Korean-made Floyd Rose. Come on Gibson, are you for real here? Otherwise, I like it.
  9. Scream And Fly

    New Les Paul Trad - tuned to E-Flat from Gibson?

    Have any of you noticed your new Les Pauls set up tuned to E-flat from Gibson? I received a new Trad Pro and I am 100% positive it was a sealed box from Gibson and not removed or set up after. I thought that was interesting. Oh, and some pics :)
  10. Scream And Fly

    NGD - Trad Pro in Ebony

    Just received it yesterday and I love it. I've owned many Lesters and this one is as good as any of them, if not better. I especially like the satin back and neck. It almost plays itself!

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