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  1. tintin

    Fashion and Style?

    NYT Gift Guide
  2. tintin

    Artist Induce Bias?

    Maybe it's just me, but, after listening to sound clip after sound clip, including those on the MLP Guitar Pickup Sound Reference Guide, I find one in particular sends shivers up my spine. I won't say which right now- wouldn't want to sound like I'm trying to push a particular pick up...
  3. tintin

    Guitar Tool Kit Recommendations?

    Hi- I searched but did not find recommendations for guitar tool kits. I'm interested in a basic set-up type kit of tools. Not too sophisticated, but hopefully complete and of decent quality. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  4. tintin

    Tweak or ditch?

    I love most everything about my new Epi LP Ultra-II- the Nanomag is terrific, the neck pick up is alright. The bridge pick up, although hot and bright, to me, is a bit lacking in warmth. I can get decent tone by blending the pick ups, but I'm still yearning for a bit more from the stock bridge...
  5. tintin

    LP Ultra II

    Anyone got one? I just snagged one on Ebay. Oughta be fun!

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