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  1. Red Beard


    Ive played the MIM’s and come away impressed There tight with solid hardware Itll come down to personal preference Go plug them in an compare
  2. Red Beard

    The Mighty Dimarzio super distortion

    I got a set in this battle axeand old set in this one
  3. Red Beard

    Any other LP guys who can't get on with Teles? + swap deal

    Im a strat guy I searched and searched and found the one keeper teley,,samething with my Les Paul
  4. Red Beard

    FS: Gibson Original Collection Les Paul Junior (Jr.)

    Man that Jr is killing me Ya like Charvels?
  5. Red Beard

    Your Effects Pedalboard !!! Pics !!!

    Thanks,,,,good heads up on power input/output Nowdays im just a rock n roller player,,,i can resort to my roots for fun but im much much more of a crunchy blues player nowday And i play on neck single coil more then humbuckers I use a healthy amount of reverb and season my sound with little...
  6. Red Beard

    Your Effects Pedalboard !!! Pics !!!

    So its worth the price to play? As in it does a good job of replacing the glue that binds a good pedal board,,reverb,delay,chorus,etc etc? Im using a Quilter power block 45 now as my gig rig slash back up,tryn to cut down on the clutter and have power amp and pedals on one small board mated up...
  7. Red Beard

    Your Effects Pedalboard !!! Pics !!!

    Did some rearranging to fit in a new Quilter block
  8. Red Beard

    Your Effects Pedalboard !!! Pics !!!

    So do you like the TC Electronics Plethora x3?? Its something that intrigues me,but im not huge fan of many TC Electronic pedals
  9. Red Beard

    NGD: What Pickups Should I Change To From EMG

    Another vote for Seymour Distortion’s Im dig’n a set in a newer Charvel purchase i made
  10. Red Beard

    Emperor cabs ruckus over at Marshall Forum

    Theres a Marshall Forum?
  11. Red Beard

    Pickup suggestion for Carvin superstrat

    I always liked Seymour’s JB/Jazz These interest me greatly might be worth checking out
  12. Red Beard

    Got a new one - Charvel content

    Cant go wrong with Charvel,careful they become addictive I got 3 SoCal’s and a 1986 model 1 Seem to be my goto’s nowdays,,,and my favorite of the lot is an odd ball,well to me its an odd ball Sasafras HSS SoCal hardtail,,,,,its just such a bendy scremy monster and i really dig the single coil SD...
  13. Red Beard

    Pickups suggestions for my Epi Explorer

    I own serval guitars with JB and Distortions The JB is more round fuller sounding pick up with high gain Distortions way brighter
  14. Red Beard

    Pickups suggestions for my Epi Explorer

    BareKnuckle Silo’s
  15. Red Beard

    Amp P$&n Thread….Amps are BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Nothing special compared to alot of guys rigs Just home practice set up
  16. Red Beard

    speaker break in services

    Plug it in,eq and volume,gain etc at noon Play 4 cords on looper pedal and let her go while i take the wife out to dinner Or buy used speakers
  17. Red Beard

    NCD 1960s JMP Basketweave 4X12 A

    So both cabs were signed by same factory worker? Ya got one cab in USA and one from UK and the A cab was used by Saxon Thats pretty fucking cool in my book
  18. Red Beard

    PSA - Laney 4x12 slant cab, 100 dollars, Dover NH

    That looks like slant cab,,maybe not a slanted as your stand 1960A cab but its little slant i think Still good can but might not match like a B cab to you A
  19. Red Beard

    PSA - Laney 4x12 slant cab, 100 dollars, Dover NH

    Its worth $100 just for the cab
  20. Red Beard

    NGD Dean Z '79

    Love it Ive got a Hollywood Z i bought as a 16yr old kid Shrimp fork headstock,Dimazio super distortions And i scored a V79 in a trade years ago same pick ups as the Hollywood There upper models are top notch guitars i dont care what Gibson says

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