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  1. spirithunter

    Wampler Velvet Fuzz - Sold

    Brand new condition. Comes with original box. Sold No Trades please
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    2008 Tom Anderson Hollow Cobra S

    2008 Tom Anderson Hollow Cobra S in great shape! It does have a couple light body dings on the back. Just the clear coat is effected. Nothing crazy bad. Also there are 2 in tiny impression on the top that are hard to see. The guitar does looks amazing and plays great! Also I was in the process...
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    2011 PRS Studio Black Gold Quilt 10 Top!!!

    2011 PRS Studio Quilt 10 Top Black Gold 58/08 bridge pickup with coil tap on tone control 2 NF pickups Case and hang tag $2400.00 Shipped/Paypal/Ins US only I will post better pics tomorrow. Anderson not for sale.
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    Bogner XTC 101b & Goldfinger 45

    2006 Bogner XTC 101B in excellent shape! Fresh tubes (EL34s), re-bias. Includes the original foot-switch and a custom Studio Slips clam-shell cover. $2150.00 PP/shipped/ins. (I will cover PP fee's) No Trades US only Bogner Goldfinger 45 in pristine condition! Home...
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    2008 Gibson Les Paul STD. Faded SOLD!!!

    SOLD! 2008 Gibson Les Paul STD. Faded SOLD! in excellent shape. She is not perfect but I would give it a solid 9 out of 10 condition. Home use only. 50's neck Chamber body The best i can tell from a bathroom digital scale weight 6.8 lbs. Also pick guard has never been installed.
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    Ibanez RG920QMZ & Ibanez RGR421EXFM

    2011 Ibanez RG920QMZ -This was a impulse buy. I purchase this guitar in July of this year. I never play it and just been sitting in the case since. Basically Brand new! I upgraded the soft-shell case to a Ibanez Hard-shell for it as well. The first 2 pic's are mine. I could not get a good...
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    Marshall 50th Anniverysary JTM1C - Price Drop

    Marshall 50th Anniversary JTM1C basically brand new! I am thinning the herd because of recent purchases and this one needs to go! I still have all the paper work and box and shipping box. Like I said this is as nice as if you bought new. Maybe 5 hours on it! No trades please. $575.00...
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    Marshall 2061x sold pending payment

    sold pending payment 2005 Marshall 2061X 20W Amp Head. The Marshall 2061X comes with 2 EL84 tubes in the power amp, 2 ECC83s in the preamp, and a solid state rectifier. No trannie replacement or problems. It is In excellent condition! No nick or scuffs on the tolex. Smoke free home and...
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    Back in the Marshall family!

    Hello all :wave: The last week has been a great amp week for me! Last Friday I received in my JTM1 combo. Love this little guy! Yesterday I picked up a 2061x stack! I think I got a real good deal from what I see in the market today for a use one. I could not pass it up. I'm looking at the...
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    2009 PRS Tremonti 10 Top. The tones and feel are awesome! PRS > BB preamp > Suhr Badger 18 = :dude:
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    1953 Les Paul! is this real?!

    Les Paul
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    1990 LP STD. From what i've been told is the seller brother bought it new in "90". The seller got it from the brother about 2 years later and basic has been kept underneath his bed for the majority of the guitar life. On a scale from 1-10 i say it is a solid 8.5-9.0 condition wise. It feels...
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    2002 LP STD quick question....

    I Have came across a mint 2002 LP STD and the seller want $1900.00 for it. To me that seem a little bit on the high side. I have research EBAY and here and not really finding a good price point for 2002 LP STD. What is a fair price for a Mint 2002 Gibson Les Paul Standard? Thanks :cool:
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    I just traded for this R7 Goldtop. Never been played and all case candy included. The serial number is 731254. If i am understanding this right. This is a 2003 guitar? Won't get a chance to really play it until tomorrow. Can't wait!:D
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    1965 Gibson SG JR question.

    Hello I just came across a 1965 Gibson SG JR for $875.00. It's defiantly a player. Tuners were change and the pickup looked original. Neck seem ok. I don't see any visible cracks or repairs. Needs to be clean up but can be play in current state. It was originally $1150.00 a has been sitting...
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    Is this legit a "77" Les Paul?

    Hi all, I just came across this craigslist post here in my town. Something seems off on it and would like to run it by all you... gibson les paul