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  1. Frozen Rat

    New bridge

    Bought a 2021 50s Les Paul Standard. Loving it so far, but I'm thinking of a mod. The guitar had a G string buzz which I finally tracked down to the bridge. I solved it a few minutes ago, but I'm wondering about putting in a different bridge, one that's maybe a bit more stable, a bit less prone...
  2. Frozen Rat

    Just read where Gibson is raising their prices next week…

    Glad I bought my 2021 Standard when I did (and got $500 off too). I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see them jump to $2999 soon. We're in the midst of stressed economic times.
  3. Frozen Rat

    Upgrading my Traditional Vs purchasing a brand new R9

    Swapping pickups might not be enough. If the sound isn't grabbing you, it's probably time to move on entirely. Nice looking guitar though, BTW. You don't need to swing for the fences and get an R9. An R8 or R7 will be 100% as good tone wise but with a less flamey top is all. Save some $$$ and...
  4. Frozen Rat

    New Gibson - QC issues?

    I wish mine were too. Looked twice.
  5. Frozen Rat

    New Gibson - QC issues?

    No, and yes, with caveats. I bought a Hummingbird with a chunk missing from the fretboard down by the 19th. But, I got a discount because of it, and I knew it was there when I bought it. Had I ordered one and it arrived like that, I'd have been upset. Further, I just bought a 2021 50s Les Paul...
  6. Frozen Rat

    Light weight 50's Standard?

    Mine was built in late January of 2021.
  7. Frozen Rat

    New Studio fret board

    That's the thing about Les Pauls, you don't want to go looking at them too closely cause you're gonna see something you can't un-see and it'll drive you bananas. Just play the thing, I guess, you're probably going to dent it up at some point anyway. Or maybe you're really careful and don't own...
  8. Frozen Rat

    Light weight 50's Standard?

    The lighter ones are out there. I picked a 2021 50s Les Paul off the rack at Guitar Center and bought it (after playing it of course). I felt sure it would come in over 9lbs when I put it on my postal scale, but I was surprised when it weighed in at 8lbs 6ozs. I suppose it's because I've been...
  9. Frozen Rat

    Pickguard screw goes right into the binding?

    I'd leave the pick guard off. I like how they look naked. I prefer most things naked: guitars, ribs, [insert ribald joke here].
  10. Frozen Rat

    Going shopping, help me spend my money - R9 or R0 ?

    I wouldn't even have to think about it—the 2014 R0. I haven't played one yet that wasn't killer. I like he pickups in the newer RIs much better than the older ones. I've played a lot of different '14 RI models and each one has been superb. I've played a lot of 2012 and older RIs too and in my...
  11. Frozen Rat

    NGD-First Les Paul

    If you paid full price, they'll likely give you the $250 off without any complaint, because they typically give close to that much off anyway just for asking, up front. But that's really not enough in your case IMO. If you got a discount up front and are asking for another $250 then who knows...
  12. Frozen Rat

    NGD - My First (Gibson) Les Paul

    Nice wine red color. Classy. Welcome to the club.
  13. Frozen Rat

    LPC - please have a look at the frets

    The string separation issue could just be wonky saddles. Cheap and easy fix. My R6 had the bass E string saddle cut too far in. I filed a new saddle and all is good. You could do the same if you like that guitar.
  14. Frozen Rat

    NGD- 2019 Les Paul Standard 50s

    I like it. Looks really good. A 50s neck is the way to go.
  15. Frozen Rat

    Late 2019 60th R9s - they finally nailed the headstock logo

    Gotcha. Mine has the flatter-topped G and is tinted gold. It kinda looks like the 59 pictured above and yet isn't quite the same. I see what folks are saying, they are a bit off. But hey, for me, close enough.
  16. Frozen Rat

    LP Custom Diamond head Cherry + Flame top = too over the top?

    Take the pick guard off. Problem solved. I do find that big black pick guard clashes with that particular color scheme, mainly because of its size I think. If you lost the pick guard the black knobs would blend in nicely.
  17. Frozen Rat

    Late 2019 60th R9s - they finally nailed the headstock logo

    My early 2019 (January build) headstock looks identical to the one jktxs just posted above. Down to the yellowish caste. I'm having a lot of trouble seeing much difference other than the color. Maybe a side-by-side picture is in order here.
  18. Frozen Rat

    My Historic Les Paul knobs cracked, Gibson USA knobs not that great

    Can you just live with the cracks? Seems like they always eventually crack. Every Historic I ever had eventually developed cracks in the knobs. My current guitar doesn't have cracks in the knobs, yet, but I'm sure that's coming. These looks pretty nice though...
  19. Frozen Rat

    How Much Better Are Historics/Custom Shop Than Standards/Traditonals?

    Dude, don't even worry about this. Your guitar is great, I'm sure, and will certainly serve you well. My oldest son keeps telling me to buy a newer, bigger pickup truck. I tell him I'd love a bigger, newer pickup truck, but that comes with payments, and the one I have does everything I need it...
  20. Frozen Rat

    How Much Better Are Historics/Custom Shop Than Standards/Traditonals?

    I don't recommend you do that. It could lead to insanity.