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    Nobody posted about Gibson selling Memphis factory and down sizing.

    Ran across this.
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    Rare pickups?

    Never seen this before
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    Support The Norlins

    In a show of support to Norlins, here my wife rocking out a 1972 Custom we call "The Old Man". With included "ROCK" Face.
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    Vintage PAFs?

    I don't have any access to this guitar but they do look like vintage PAFs. I'm no expert. Can you tell by just seeing the top? Not out to buy it or anything but if they are you guys should jump on it.
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    Do NOT use Loxx strap locks!

    I am here to tell you they fail. I had my beloved Lifeson Axcess go down because over time the post wears out on the LOXX strap locks. During a show tonight at the top of the show right before the first note was played, my strap unlocked and down she went. $4000 guitar hitting my G-system...
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    NGD! Alex Lifeson Axcess

    Oh so hot! Just look at the top! Sorry for the crappy pics, had to use my phone being the camera batt was dead.
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    What is it with dealers??

    OK, I'm all set to buy a Gibson Alex Lifeson Axcess and I'm getting run around on pricing. Edited: for to save the faint of heart.
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    My band doing some Rush - Tom Saywer

    Denim Arcade covering "Tom Sawyer" - 2006
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    WTB Gibson Alex Lifeson Axcess

    This is a feeler, I am in the market for a Gibson Alex Lifeson Axcess. I was eyeballing one at Grinning Elk but someone beat me to it. Looking for one in Victory Brown. I know there are some on ebay but I would rather buy from a dealer.
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    Message in a bottle - Denim Arcade

    My first time posting music to MLP. This is live so take it for that ;) My 80's cover band playing The Police's Message in a Bottle. The miss on vox. Denim Arcade - Covering - Message In a Bottle by Wade Finch on SoundCloud - Hear the world
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    Someting to LOL at.

    Take a look at this horse shyte 1979 Gibson Les Paul electric guitar
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    70's SG broken headstock

    Found this on CL, $250. wondered if it was worth fixing. 70's Gibson SG (needs repair)
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    Help Iding old LP case

    Gents, I just picked this case up. Pretty sure its a vintage LP case.
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    1952 Gibson Les Paul Prototype?

    1952 Gibson Les Paul Prototype Museum Quality
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    Old Grovers

    I was working on my old man (71' LPC) I had taken off the Org. tuners a few years ago, a set of old Grovers with the "PAT. PEND. U.S.A" on the back dust cover. I was thinking about putting them back on, anyone know what grease to re-lube them with? Would like to refresh them and get them...
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    Peter Frampton's Lost LP

    Dont know if this was posted yet but here ya go. Peter Frampton Recovers Prized Missing Guitar After More Than 30 Years
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    R8 aged?

    I just got a R8, I was wondering if they all come aged? Mine has been aged. Is that just part of the VOS? etc..
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    NGD! Tasty R8!!

    My awesome wife just got me ah R8! It looks like a R9, I wouldn't call this a plain top would you?