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    Help with wiring? ...would be appreciated !

    This is wiring in a (mij) bass with humbucking pickups with 3 conductor wiring..not 2...not 4 (from what I can tell and have gathered). There is a coil tap switch ( I believe it is a coil tap and not a coil splitting set up. Could be wrong, though). What's not working is that the Volume pot...
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    Advice on Seth Lover being too bright...wiring/pots, etc???

    I have an older Yamaha SE110 which is kind of a strat copy / superstrat / poor man's Tom Delonge Strat. It's got a single humbucker in the bridge w/ Volume control ONLY. No tone. It was made this way, stock. It sounded pretty good with the stock pickup (which may be made by Dimarzio, according...