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  1. CaptainT

    THE Les Paul Wall ❤️

    Damn...I can´t afford that wall...even without the guitars:) Beautiful!
  2. CaptainT

    Amp X - the analog Kemper?

    I totally agree, so many Options and they are all great in their own way:) I plan on buying the AMP X when it´s being released in a year. Might replace my Helix with it. Or maybe keep them both:)
  3. CaptainT

    Amp X - the analog Kemper?

    Around 1500.- Euros, so I guess 1600.- US $. In the Video Thomas states, that it will be around two times the price of an AMP1. Pricewise in the region of Kemper Stage.
  4. CaptainT

    Amp X - the analog Kemper?

    Hey guys, I´ve been watching the NAMM Videos latelly and was surprised that there was almost nothing on the BluGuitar AMP X. There is a lot of coverage for the new Neural DSP Quad Cortez, but not much on the AMP X. Many thought it was like a 2.0 Version of the Amp 1, but actually it isn´t. It...
  5. CaptainT

    Need possible purchase input.....Axe Fx Ultra vs Helix Stomp

    Yeah, Criss Oliva was such a great guitar player. But I also love Pitrelli:)
  6. CaptainT

    Need possible purchase input.....Axe Fx Ultra vs Helix Stomp

    Congrats on your purchase! I hope everything works out well with it. There is a guy who transcribed all the Savatage albums and cloned their sounds with an AXE II. Maybe you can get some inspiration from him:) Savatage "Dead winter Dead" and "Streets" are some of my favorite albums of all...
  7. CaptainT

    Need possible purchase input.....Axe Fx Ultra vs Helix Stomp

    If I had your "Setup" and needs, I think I´d save and get an Amp1. Maybe even the Iridium edition. That thing is bonkers:) I have a Helix and I pretty much love it and use it for hours. I wouldn´t by something outdated in the digital world, like an Axe Ultra. But that´s just me. For ease of...
  8. CaptainT

    Helix HX Edit 2.81 is out.

    @KenG I found one issue to be the "Global Settings" of the joystick encoder. It has to be set to "Model" to make the joystick work properly. It´s better now, but still not perfect. I´ll try a factory reset and reinstall of the update. If this doesn´t work, I´ll try your solution @KenG. Thanks...
  9. CaptainT

    Helix HX Edit 2.81 is out.

    I have many problems after 2.81. No sound after changing presets. Huge delay when changing presets. Sometimes the knobs don't work:(
  10. CaptainT

    Helix+Seymour Duncan Powerstage+ InEar

    I found a cool rig on the almighty youtube for us Helix nerds and thought it might be interesting for some of you:) I love it;)
  11. CaptainT

    Me and my R8

    Best wishes for your health!! Great band with nice tones and Randy Rhoads on the keyboard (at least she looks like that on my mobile phone:) )
  12. CaptainT

    My Les Paul Defect Burst - Beauty or the Beast?

    I think it´s a bit boring. It needs more mineral streaks XD
  13. CaptainT

    Lee Roy Parnell 59 Les Paul Standard

    That finsih would fit perfectly to this guitar, but not to a LP:)
  14. CaptainT

    WTB Blue burst silver sparkle Gibson Les Paul Custom

    Does it have to be this specific model? Because there was another blue sparkle model 2 years ago. It isnßt blue sparkle burst though:) This one is located in a store in Germany, so it´s still...
  15. CaptainT

    Want to give modeling another chance

    User friendly? Headphone? Home use? Get a HEADRUSH!!!!;)
  16. CaptainT

    FS: 2018 Knaggs SSC Tier 2 PRICE DROP!

    Awesome guitar bump:) I play a Kenai myself. Great guitars! SSC is superb! GLWS!
  17. CaptainT

    May 2019 BTOM!

    I guess I tried the track the 50th time yesterday and it didn´t work out...Right now I feel like :) Going to try the major pentatonic tonight, sounds like a good idea. :) Cheers and pretty good takes up till now!
  18. CaptainT

    Any Vintage 30 Love

    I don´t have much experience with different speakers, but I have a Bassbreaker 18/30 (sounding AC30-like in channel one and rather Marshall-like in channel 2) with Celestion V-Types in it and I really like them. No mud at all. My amp tech, who is very much into vintage amps and sound says, that...
  19. CaptainT

    NGD - 60th Anni R9

    HNGD! Stunning!
  20. CaptainT

    2019 sg 61 reissue with vibrola

    I was talking about the recent addition of a regular Made in the USA model with the sideways vibrato. I think this is due to bands like GVF becoming popular and using specific vintage instruments. Might be a coincidence, but I am a GVF Fanboy and I am really (irrationally) gassing about the...