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  1. glynneCicada

    Black Plastic Parts?

    I'm looking for Black plastic parts for my 2008 Standard Goldtop. Pup rings, pickguard & jackplate. If anyone has all or some of those for sale, please let me know ;) I'm in UK. Cheers!!!
  2. glynneCicada

    The Plastic Nightmare

    Hey gang. So it's been a few years since I changed up my Les Paul plastics & I'd (almost) forgotten how much of a nightmare it is. I think that experience scarred me for life. Trying to find, white, creme, cream, ivory, parchment parts that match, is like some Dante-esque nightmare :facepalm...
  3. glynneCicada

    Tonepros Bridge Saddles?

    Hey guys. I have a 2008 Standard Goldtop with a Nickel Tonespros bridge. The saddles are getting a bit buggered & I want to replace them. The bridge itself is beautifully worn so I dont want to buy/ replace that. I've searched high & low but cant find any 'decent' (not cheap sh*t) saddles. Any...
  4. glynneCicada

    Les Paul Goldtop poster

    I done gone designed a poster to celebrate the most beautiful guitar in the world. You gotta love a Goldtop :p
  5. glynneCicada

    Marshall JCM900 Valve change advice.

    Hey guys. Sorry if this topic has been labored, but its a goddamn minefield out there. I'm looking to change the valves in my Marshall JCM900 head. The valves are very old & need a new lease of life. But I know nothing about them or the best direction to go in. I'm pretty happy with what I have...
  6. glynneCicada

    Embet Henx!!!

    Hey guys. If you like filthy, raucous, dirty riffs with indecipherable vocal rantings, then you might just like my band. My main objective is to play with as much ferocity & freedom as possible. Although its not cool to play your instrument with any kind of bombastic self-expression these days...
  7. glynneCicada

    Parchment parts Please!!!

    Hey guys. Its been a long time since I gave up on my search for Parchment parts. Pickguard, rings, toggle chip & jack plate. After spending too much money & lots of disappointment, I didnt even come close. So, feeling like my Goldtop needs a makeover, I'm back on the search. My previous...
  8. glynneCicada

    Wah-Wah cable issues.

    Hey gang. I've recently slimmed down my pedals considerably & am pretty much only using a Jim Dunlop Wah-Wah pedal now for gigs. I'm no maniac, but I am quite physical when i play & the cable gets a lot of movement. The issue I'm having is the cable keeps pulling out of the Wah-Wah, leaving me...
  9. glynneCicada

    New knobs.

    Just wanted to share my new knobs with you guys. I've actually never seen these before & really love them. They're not Gibson, but definitely think Gibson should make them. Really amazing quality & add an extra edge to my baby. I dig em.
  10. glynneCicada

    Slash Tattoo Portrait.

    Hi guys. Just finished this portrait of Slash, for any fans of his. It was done in 2 sessions. So half is healed & half is fresh. 95% dotwork. I'll post the fully healed pic when its ready. :slash:
  11. glynneCicada

    Scalloped Les Paul Junior

    Some crazy-ass mods on this one. A bit too personalised to be sold me thinks!? An interesting guitar nonetheless. 1993 Gibson Les Paul Junior Scalloped | United Kingdom | Gumtree
  12. glynneCicada

    F-Holes in Chambered LP!?

    Hey guys. I have a 2008 Les Paul Standard, Goldtop. Chambered as you probably know. Well, Im thinking about putting F-Holes into it. I mean, having a good luthier do it for me. So Im looking for advice. Pro's & cons to doing this. I play everything on my LP from super heavy riffing, to...
  13. glynneCicada

    Dynamic Bigsby Demo.

    I made this little video for When I was researching the Bigsby, I couldnt find any videos showing how dynamic it is. And just how low & high they could go. I give my Bigsby some real hammer sometimes when Im playing gigs. So this video is a little demonstration for those...
  14. glynneCicada

    Ram Jam: Black Betty

    Just found this video. Some lovely Les Paul action. Not enough of the Goldtop for my liking tho. :shock: Ram Jam - Black Betty - YouTube
  15. glynneCicada

    Any cool instrumental Les Paul songs?

    Hey guys. Im constantly on a search for great Les Paul players ripping it up like fire. But its hard to find great instrumental playing without some (mostly white-boy Blues) vocalists spoiling it. So Im looking for cool instrumental tracks/ videos with BALLSY & interesting playing. Here are a...
  16. glynneCicada

    Burstbucker Pro 'Bridge' Pup Chrome.

    For sale is my mint condition Chrome Burstbucker Pro 'Bridge' Pup. I took this out of my Standard the day I bought it, to replace with my favoured pup, & it hasnt been used since. £65 including P&P. Shipped by me from Brighton. Cheers. g.
  17. glynneCicada

    Volume drop from turning the tone down- PCB Board

    Hey guys. Over the last week my Tone reduction has started to affect the Volume on my Bridge pickup. I.e turn down Tone, Volume drops. It drops quite considerably. Which sucks cos' I like to play with a low Tone setting. I have a 2008 Standard, with the PCB board wiring. Are there any other 2008...
  18. glynneCicada

    London (UK) Tattooist offering cut price tattoos.

    Hey hey. I've very recently started tattooing & am doing some good stuff. Im even considering it as a possible career venture. So Im looking to get more experience & build a portfolio. The reason I got into this is because I love tattoos but cant afford the prices of top draw tattooists. So Im...
  19. glynneCicada

    Help needed with A/B/Y , Volume/Loop setup.

    Hey guys. Please help me if you can. I just bought a Morley A/B/Y selector switch pedal. The reason I bought it is this: I have a row of BOSS effects pedals. At the end of my chain is a BOSS Loop Station & a Volume pedal. What Im trying to achieve is to be able to control the volume in &...
  20. glynneCicada

    Sci'enta Dystene- London, UK

    Hey guys. Here is a small introduction to my band. Sci'enta Dystene are a 2-piece Progressive, Experimental Avant Rock/ Metal band based in London, UK. Our reason for being is to explore inner & outer non-traditional concepts through our personal musical dialogues. Considering ourselves more...