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    Volume/Tone Pot Question

    I recently upgraded my guitar with Seymour Duncan '59's. The guy I got the pups from told me I should upgrade to 500k pots. When I swapped out the pups, I noticed the pots with 500k, as well as 480k stamped on the back of the pots. Would these be original, or are they upgraded from a...
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    Pickup wiring question

    The pups are 2 wire. Looking at them again I see the ground wire is solder to the mesh cladding. I changed the pups yesterday.........what a difference!!!!!
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    Pickup wiring question

    Ok, I just picked up a used set of Seymour Duncan '59 pups. Do I have to solder the outer mesh cladding to the ground , or can it just be pushed out of the way to solder only the wires? The chap I got them from only soldered the wires. Where I work, we ground the cladding as a drain. I...
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    Some help on buying a used Epiphone LP 100

    Pretty inexpensive for the fun you will have with it.
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    Seymour Duncan Almico 2 Pro Pickups

    Does anyone have these pickups and do they sound better than stock Epi's? I am thinking of picking up a used set for a future project
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    Transparent Amber LP?

    Mine is a '99 with an Amber finish
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    Hey, im new here ;) these are some pics of my custom

    Shes a pretty long have you had it?
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    Standard Vs Classic?

    I can see your point. My guitar came from Unsung back in '99.
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    Standard Vs Classic?

    I play with mine daily as well, and dabble with the ones on the shelf at the music store whenever I need strings. I'm not having a cock fight with you. My interest is only in learning and sharing of information. I don't want to play games of wit, only relay information I found online, as...
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    Standard Vs Classic?

    Not true.....Here is an article from Guitar and Base Magazine I was talking about along with another review from Ultimate Guitar. My Birdseye Maple Top has a taper neck smaller than standards. Les Paul Classic Review | Epiphone |...
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    Standard Vs Classic?

    I took my classic into the local music store to find what type of pickups they are. All I was told was that they were a special order, and that the number wasn't the order number for any other model. I have a review on the classics from a 2004 magazine that says the classic has a maple top...
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    May I Join The Epi Lovers Club?

    Luv them both!!!!
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    Epiphone Les Paul Classic Plus-Weight?

    My classic is has some good weight to it as well and its a '99 model year.
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    have 3.... I think its time for a gibson

    I'd put my Epi up against a Gibby anyday.:slash:
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    My Birdseye Paul

    What is an RS kit?
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    My Birdseye Paul

    WOW..... I was playing a Fender Strat copy my son refinished and my puppy wanted to chew it.....had his teeth on the body.......I feel your pain......
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    Epiphone Dot-Good Buy?

    I think my next guitar will be a Dot!!!
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    My Birdseye Paul

    I'm sure your guitar will look great underneith. Send us some pictures of your progress. I'm curious to see. I once found a blue book price on my guitar, but can't find it nor can I verify its original msrp.
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    My Birdseye Paul

    I think for me Semour Duncans are the way for me to go. I went to the music shop a few months ago, and they handed me a Gibson studio with Burstbuckers in it. I didn't like them.....could be because it was chambered. They had SD59's but without covers.I might start there for real mods as long as...
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    My Birdseye Paul

    Thanks, The burst is almost subtle, as if they doubled on the amber finish, and you can see the grain in the top.