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  1. Pesh

    My Most Beautiful Les Paul Traditional Pro V

    Very nice! Wish that the TP's found their way over to Europe more often. The TP2 did almost 10 years ago, but I think only because of over-production / over-stocking, which is how I managed to get one in the U.K., but sadly nothing since. I personally love the aforementioned bells and whistles -...
  2. Pesh

    NGD- 2021 Les Paul R9 Iced Tea

    Good lord that thing is gorgeous. HNGD!
  3. Pesh

    Post a picture of your favorite iced tea top, reliced preferred

    Came for the post title; stayed for the porn. Lovely guitars, all. That link to the Sweetwater Ice Tea one though - made my eyes water - why are the prices so damned high...!
  4. Pesh

    New offset model Daniels pugilist

    Love it mate. Got some nice quirks to it and some cool lines. I'd pick that over a JagStang any day.
  5. Pesh

    Installed some Double Creams today!

    Looks spectacular!
  6. Pesh

    Anyone turned their Neck pickup upside down?

    I've had it that way, but during last clean and setup I was on autopilot and switched it back accidentally!
  7. Pesh

    Too many Les Paul's?....blasphemy, I say there's never enough Les Pauls one can own...

    I used to think I'd own several - different colours, pickups, years, lines, etc - but after getting two, I changed my mind. I now think that, on top of said two; I'd probably only get another one - a custom. Not sure what I'd get, but the contenders are a Wino custom, or an R8 (or a big-neck...
  8. Pesh

    My new Gibson Les Pauls pickup selector won't stay on Rhythm

    I had a similar issue with my red (profile pic) LP when I first got it - the switch couldn't 'click' into either position. Turns out the wood at that point was a bit too thick, which was solved by a careful bit of drilling from the inside to thin it a little. The switch then sat a little...
  9. Pesh

    To R8 or not to R8 that is the question?

    This isn't a question - always R8.
  10. Pesh

    Historic Makeovers NGD

    That was a significant improvement on the finish colour. Much more of a looker! Congrats!
  11. Pesh

    I'm so excited! Finally my elusive Exrubato!

    Very nice; congratulations and HNGD!
  12. Pesh


    Lovely rich red colouring! Congrats. HNGD!
  13. Pesh

    NGD 2021 Ultima

    Wow that thing has a lotta' bling. Nice! HNGD! And clean your camera lens...
  14. Pesh

    String preference?

    Stringjoy sets on all of mine; exact gauges depend on tension I'm aiming for, but for the LP's I use 11-50 with a wound 3rd.
  15. Pesh

    Which Fender guitar do you think compliments a Les Paul the best?

    3-single Strat, Gretsch Jet, and something with P90's.
  16. Pesh

    What first started the need for a guitar in your life?

    Jimmy Page and my best bud Harry, who had been playing for a while. Wanted to be one of those cool kids at school.
  17. Pesh

    Appeal of ABR-1 vs. Nashville style bridges (and vice versa)

    ABR for the looks, as long as they've got some sturdy studs. I've converted all mine from Nashville to ABR by way of Faber, so they have the conversion studs, which are obviously a bit more stable.
  18. Pesh

    New/old finishes you'd like to see offered?

    Candy Apple Red, Blue, and Green. Wine Red seems to have disappeared too.
  19. Pesh

    Took the plunge/R8

    Super congratulations on that. Amazing top.