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  1. CaptainT

    Amp X - the analog Kemper?

    Hey guys, I´ve been watching the NAMM Videos latelly and was surprised that there was almost nothing on the BluGuitar AMP X. There is a lot of coverage for the new Neural DSP Quad Cortez, but not much on the AMP X. Many thought it was like a 2.0 Version of the Amp 1, but actually it isn´t. It...
  2. CaptainT

    Helix+Seymour Duncan Powerstage+ InEar

    I found a cool rig on the almighty youtube for us Helix nerds and thought it might be interesting for some of you:) I love it;)
  3. CaptainT

    SIM 1 Guitar Profiler

    Hey guys, not actually amp modelling, but guitar modelling/profiling. This thing is pretty cool:) More info at
  4. CaptainT

    Rabea Massaad Helix + Variax

    Hey guys, I don´t know if you are familiar with Rabea, but he is a great player and a very nice guy. He just made a video where he presents his new rig for a gig with FrogLeap studios (who is great too:) ) This is a very nice setup, I thought I´d share it with you:) Cheers, Thorsten
  5. CaptainT

    Helix problem...Rhythm sounds a little "flangery"

    Hey guys, I have a problem at the moment when I play rhythm stuff on the low E-String. For my ear it sounds like there was a Flanger over the sound. I have no idea why that is, because there is no flanger involved. The solo sound is good, but the rhythm sounds weird. Any ideas why that is...
  6. CaptainT

    First time ever PRS GAS hit me full in the face:)

    Damn this guitar is so sweet. I instantly started saving up money when I discoverd this beauty yesterday:) It´s a PRS DW CE24 and I am usually not having a lot of GAS. But this thing really caught my eye. I am so floored:) Gonna take me at least a year to get the money together, but... she...
  7. CaptainT

    Putting together a Helix Hybrid Live Setup

    Hi guys, I am putting together my Live-Rig for use with my Helix LT. I am using a Fender Bassbreaker 18/30, the Helix LT as a Multi FX Board and Amp - Channelswitcher. This is my first Band and my first Live Rig and so I am not sure what else I´ll be needing. I have all the cables to connect...
  8. CaptainT

    NEW Headrush FRFR

    Just seen this in an @Namm article in Germany Looks a lot like the Alto backside RRP 349.- $ Looking forward to seeing it in German stores. The facts in German, but I think you´ll get the picture:) 2000 Watt Spitzenleistung, 1000 Watt Dauerleistung Zwei XLR/Klinke Combo Eingänge mit...
  9. CaptainT

    Photoshop Help! needed:)

    Hi guys, I hope this is the right part of the forum:) Can someone help me and photoshop double cream and Zebra Pickups into my guitar? I´d like to get new pickups, but I cannot decide on which colour. Unfortunately I have no Idea how to use photoshop:) Thanks in advance, Thorsten
  10. CaptainT

    Helix Help needed for "woody" "honky" Tone on Plexi/Bassman

    Hi guys, I need some help on how to dial in a specific Bluesrock sound. I am trying to get a very pure Plexi and Bassman patch. The tone I am looking for sounds a little hollow/honky and woody, I don´t have a better way to describe it. I achieved it once on the Headrush pedalboard, but I fail...
  11. CaptainT

    A nice German commercial:)

    I had to share this, it is a commercial for a Mail order business in Germany. It just made me smile this morning:) Cheers and have a good day, Thorsten
  12. CaptainT

    New Helix LT Day!:)

    Hey guys, I am back home now with my new Helix LT. First impression is really good, but I have to say that the Headrush interface was a thousand times better (at least fo me). However, I really dig the tone, even the standard presets are not totally useless:) Right now I am updating the...
  13. CaptainT

    Tone and song challenge XD

    Hi guys, I´d like to challenge you and I want you to challenge me learning a song you´d always wanted to play, but never learned, due to whatever reason:) The goal is to replicate the tone and the song as much as you can. After 1 month (The challenge is going to start on the 1st of january)...
  14. CaptainT

    Active or FRFR Speaker for my Headrush

    Hi guys, I am making a list about possible speakers to go with my Headrush Board. I wanna use it for rehearsal, Live on stage (as sole amplification without P.A.) and as a Monitor, depending on the venue. I cannot get Xitone in Germany, so they are out of the question. Atomic is too...
  15. CaptainT

    The Official Headrush Pedalboard Thread

    At the moment I seem to be the only user within MLP with the Headrush pedalboard, but there is a lot of interest and scepticism regarding board, so I took up @frankv ´s advice and started the official HR Thread. I´ll be posting everything I´ll discover regarding the board, strengths, weaknesses...
  16. CaptainT

    New Floormodeller incoming to me...:)

    ...and it´s not a Helix or an´s a Headrush Pedalboard:) I just thought I might give those guys a chance. The product got some updates like "Scenes" and still everybody seems to be bashing the board due to the past experiences with Avid and the 11R. Most people don´t have actual...
  17. CaptainT

    Red Sound RS-LG12 active

    Hi, is there anyone with experience with this cab? Seems to be made especially for modellers and Marco Fanton seems to love them:) I have never heard of them, but they sound good in the videos. I´ll give...
  18. CaptainT

    Helix+L2M+Vocals many Questions:)

    Hey guys, I am planning on buying a Helix at the end of the year, together with a Line6 L2M FRFR Cab. As a band we are planning on setting up a Line6 PA in the near future, so the L2M will be my Monitor cab later. The L2m will be the first cab of our Setup and it won´t belong to the band, I...
  19. CaptainT

    Line6 Helix with Amp and FRFR?

    Hey guys, I am planning on getting a Helix (LT) at the end of the year. Now I have a question regarding the possibilities. I´d like to run a dual setup with a "real" amp (My Fender Bassbreaker) on one side. Some effects of the Helix should run into the front (No FX loop) of this amp. The 2nd...
  20. CaptainT

    Joe Bonamassa Fender Stratocaster 1959 and 1966 switch

    Hello guys, I am really in love with Joe Bonamassa´s music and I listen to the "Live at the greek theatre" album a lot at the moment. My favorite song is Hummingbird and he plays it on a 1966 Strat. There is a second version, where he plays it on a different Strat, I think it is a 1959...