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    YouTube - Chris Poland's Ohm - Peanut Buddah
  2. arcanis494

    Gov't Mule Holyoke Ma.

    Nope, but I drove 3 hours to see them in Buffalo last week. :dude: Better catch them now led zep, they're not touring next year.
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    Some of you might appreciate this...

    YouTube - Yosemitebear Mountain Giant Double Rainbow 1-8-10
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    Today's teens don't stay in shape.

    I wonder where we get it from. :rolleyes: Your post reaks of irony. + 1
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    Rock & Roll might be over, Says U2

    I've always considered U2 commercial pop... :rolleyes:
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    bob ross lowers my blood pressure

    He passed away when I was a baby, but I used to love watching the reruns. Not to mention that he rocks the fro like no one else. :dude:
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    Waiting for a Star to Fall - Boy Meets Girl

    YouTube - Whitest Kids You Know- Grapist
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    Warren Haynes sitting in with Deep Purple

    Hidden Track Intermezzo: Warren Sits-In With Deep Purple
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    Warren Haynes sitting in with Deep Purple

    Warren comes onstage a little after the 2 minute mark. YouTube - Deep Purple-Black Night Live @ HMH,Amsterdam,17-11-2009 :dude::dude::dude:
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    damndirtyape attempts rock-fusion. Video attached

    That was awesome! Have you ever listened to Chris Poland's stuff with Ohm? He is a monster at this style. YouTube - Chris Poland's Ohm - Peanut Buddah
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    What's yer top 10 fav Zep songs?

    In no particular order: Since I've Been Loving You Trampled Under Foot The Lemon Song Thank You Bring It On Home Dazed and Confused The Song Remains The Same Heartbreaker Communication Breakdown Ten Years Gone
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    I don't care what anyone says, Mayer is one of the best guitarists out there now

    I think he is a better than average player who could use his talents to make good music, but he is more interested in playing mainstream garbage and dating celebrities. :laugh2: As BB said, Joe Bonamassa would wipe the floor with John. John could also learn a few things from Derek Trucks...
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    Should new members...

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    Sorry Everyone!

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    KISS Sonic Boom recorded with a Lester

    They're a parody band. Steel Panther - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Should I change my name?

    I thought you wanted to change it to Flippy McRealhave. :laugh2::laugh2:
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    Oj thinks that we are laughing with him. :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2: