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    Now that's sexy!!
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    53 Goldtop Love

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    The Italian Job

  4. billy

    Wizz Pickups...pretty much what I've been looking for.

    Anyone tried the p90's?
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  6. billy

    Burst replica enthusiast AGE POLL

    I actually came across a '59 replica from the same builder when I was about 21, but it was through a third party, who had a website. The price he wanted was WAY more than I could afford at the time. I later found out it was twice the price they were at the time... :shock: anyway with a bit of...
  7. billy

    Burst replica enthusiast AGE POLL

    True, the only time I've used the case I bought for it (£150 :slap:) was on the drive back up the M6 from the muddy field. That's it... :rolleyes:
  8. billy

    Burst replica enthusiast AGE POLL

    27.. Got my 54' replica just under 2 years ago. :thumb: By the time I reach the age of some of you old farts... it will be vintage!!!! :naughty: :thumb: :laugh2: :laugh2:
  9. billy

    Replica Les Pauls show em!!

    Haven't posted any pic's in a while. Here's one a snapped earlier... :thumb:
  10. billy

    There is no need for vintage anymore.

    One thing that youtube can't convey is the FEEL!!! Massive difference between Vintage/Replica's than Reissues. It's like saying no there's need for women anymore because of these.... :cool: :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:
  11. billy

    Major heist at Fretted Americana

    Damn, that's a hell of a lot of guitars... insane!! I think it'll be safe to assume they didn't really need to use the brackets in "perpetrator(s)"
  12. billy

    Why buy a '59 replica?

    Mines neither so I think I'm in the clear!! :fingersx: :laugh2:
  13. billy

    Why buy a '59 replica?

    I'm not sure Gibson cares that much.. Look at Slash for example, his guitar was a replica that reignited a lot of people's desire for Les Pauls. It was only a few years after he hit the scene the whole historic program started. Then a few years ago they made a replica of his replica, and made...
  14. billy

    Why buy a '59 replica?

    100% I'd get a historic and within months be thinking about the next one.. maybe I was unlucky, even though I did have some good guitars, still I felt there was always something missing and never fully satisfied.. I'd spend more time on the forum drooling over guitars instead of playing! It...
  15. billy

    Why buy a '59 replica?

    It's a '54. I can't say enough good things about it.. best guitar I've ever played, let alone owned. :)
  16. billy

    Why buy a '59 replica?

    Exactly!! That's what I don't get about the people who get all high and mighty constantly saying having "Gibson" on a replica is wrong, well having the builders name is worse IMO! :D
  17. billy

    My baby arrived !!!!

    :applause: Brilliant!! Some gorgeous guitars you have there Jean! :thumb:
  18. billy

    Why in the World?

    Definitely different guitars.
  19. billy

    Why buy a '59 replica?

    Not Necessarily, Replicas from the right builders can go for double if not more the original price. Your never going to get more than you paid for a run of the mill historic.. there's so many in supply. Then when you factor in you can buy a historic any day of the week where as with replicas...
  20. billy

    1954 Goldtop Replica

    It sure does sounds great! :thumb: