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  1. kernelofwisdom

    1983 Les Paul Custom White (Cream) Tremolo (ebay)

    Sweet guitar. I'm still downsizing and I'm keeping the Cookie Norlin White Custom, so sadly this one goes. If interested please bid!! Item number 320641326937 Reserve at 2G. I paid more but I have no idea really a fair price with things like they are these days, so that's why it's an...
  2. kernelofwisdom

    50th Anniversary Les Paul

    My 50th Anniversary Les Paul for sale, part of my "geardown" in preparation for moving. Link goes to my craigslist ad 50th Anniversary Gibson Les Paul R9 :dude:
  3. kernelofwisdom

    to all members telling other members how to behave

  4. kernelofwisdom

    Immigration Coverage Fail

    Full fail by fully diverse staff functioning fairly floppily. :laugh2: This is great media coverage - everybody in the station fails at the same time. Good to watch all the way to end! :laugh2: YouTube - Midday Trainwreck
  5. kernelofwisdom

    Gibson, the SG Deserves Better!!

    I was sad to see Henry virtually slap his loyal customers (fans) in the face by actually smashing an instrument (the SG) they buy, use and appreciate. But I think the Gibson marketing department has gone too far this time...
  6. kernelofwisdom

    New Capacitor Shoot Out.

    Shoot Out 2! I got a lot of caps in from Jonesy and decided to put them to the test. Here are the candidates. I thank Geo and Jonesy for great advice on testing gear. But I give a special thanks to Raz59 who went way above the call of duty trying to help me on my "magic box"...
  7. kernelofwisdom

    Anybody doing Halloween?

    It's getting close. Anybody changing identities for Halloween? What have you got? Any zombies? :slash: :wow: My daughter and I are going all out this year, ready to Kick-Ass, by being Hit Girl and Big Daddy from the movie. Here we are prepping (if you are anti-gun or anti-balisong don't...
  8. kernelofwisdom

    Uncloaking Repro Caps: Luxe and Gibson

    I'm doing some capacitor stuff and decided to go under the hood of a Luxe Grey Tiger and a Gibson Repro Bumblebee. Under the Gibson package, a Wesco film capacitor: Under the Luxe packaging, a General Instruments PIO capacitor:
  9. kernelofwisdom

    She's Meloncholy baby!

    :laugh2: How Not To Fire a Watermelon Out of a Huge Slingshot 30 seconds in is epic fail. always assume your slingshot is loaded and always keep it pointed downrange. Serious face time with a watermelon! :slash:
  10. kernelofwisdom

    Cruise Crew Flew with Few and Loose Too

    You did not want to be on this boat. And the woman who hits the pole, sorry! But, the fat guy in the striped shirt who keeps going back and forth across the screen, that's pretty funny, from a watching a video standpoint. It gets progressively worse/better as the footage continues...
  11. kernelofwisdom

    1966 Fender Pro Reverb

    The real deal. Beautiful sounding amp. But, I ended up with a similar vintage Vibrolux from a friend so I'm +1 more vintage Fender amp than I need. Got it from Fat Sound, a great local shop. It's in the condition I got it in from them, so I'll list what they said about it when I bought it...
  12. kernelofwisdom

    1992 Gibson Explorer

    I will ship this baby to you CONUS $700 paypaled.
  13. kernelofwisdom

    Bed Intruder

    This is awesome: YouTube - ‪BED INTRUDER ORIGINAL VIDEO‬‎ This is beyond awesome: YouTube - ‪iTunes Version - Bed Intruder Song‬‎
  14. kernelofwisdom

    1973 Les Paul Custom Ebony! (pic heavy)

    My 70's Les Paul Ebony for sale. Easy come and perhaps easy go! I believe it is a 73 from reading the pots (CTS 1973 pots), but I could be wrong a year or so. Serial number is 189050. It has been refretted. It has wear on it, and the various small bruises etc. that come from use. Hardware...
  15. kernelofwisdom

    Capacitor Shoot-Out! It All Ends Here!

    Debate over! :slash: These controlled environment clips conducted at KOW studios of various caps should settle all speculation about the effects of capacitors on tone. J/K!! :laugh2: Anyway, I took a real '50's Bee, a Reissue Bee, a Luxe Grey Tiger, a Jensen PIO, a Sprague Vitamin Q, an...
  16. kernelofwisdom

    Some stuff FS (blueshawk, deluxe reverb, etc.)

    Links to my craigslist ads: Gibson Blueshawk Gibson Blueshawk Fender Deluxe Reverb Fender Deluxe Reverb Gibson Explorer Gibson Explorer 1992 Creme Fuzz and Drum Machine fuzz pedal and drum machine Danelectro Electric Guitar Danelectro Guitar
  17. kernelofwisdom

    Cool Old Stuff

    In addition to cool new stuff, guys like cool old stuff. Over at the MLP meet, I got to see a lot of cool old stuff, not just out and about, but most enjoyably at Cookie's and Phil's houses. Their homes are historical treasures, and so is a lot of the stuff in them (including the owners...
  18. kernelofwisdom

    New Norlin SG Day!

    After my gear sell off, I went Norlin hunting and of course got the V along with Cookie's fantastic white custom. One gap was an SG and that was solved yesterday. I just got it from the original owner, very nice guy, who had transitioned to piano and didn't play it anymore. Original...
  19. kernelofwisdom

    V, for very awesome

    I got to check out a Norlin V in action in the talented hands of Cookie-Boy. No doubt it seemed cooler than it even was, just through his deft handling of it. But after that experience, I thought it would be a shame to go through life and not give one a go. After an exhaustive search, I...
  20. kernelofwisdom

    Whoa! Gibson Makes Slashless Les Paul!

    Stop the presses! Gibson guitar is interrupting normal production of Slash based guitars for a limited time limited production non-Slash guitar! For years, Gibson has been exclusively devoted to reissuing guitars used by Slash, but they are making a sharp and short turn from tradition to do...