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  1. Thunder Dump

    Wet Leg

    Your mama so fat, when she sits around the house, she sits AROUND the house.
  2. Thunder Dump

    Wet Leg

    Your mama so fat, when she goes to a restaurant she doesn't ask for a menu, she asks for an estimate.
  3. Thunder Dump

    What exactly is this Les Paul

    Real easy to tell if it's a regular Custom with a shot of the back. The Classic Customs don't have back binding, the regular Customs do.
  4. Thunder Dump

    60th Anniversary 1960 R0 Les Paul Standard 2021 knobs

    I think the confusion here is that many members (myself included) thought you were saying the knobs were incorrect because they were bell knobs instead of reflector knobs, and several folks pointed out that several model R0s do, in fact, come with bell knobs instead of reflectors (and not just...
  5. Thunder Dump

    Do you wipe 'er down?

    If I'm just practicing, no. But I wipe down/polish after every gig (usually the next day unless the guitar is wet from sweat or moisture). I treat them like the tools they are when on stage and like the pieces of art they are when I'm not.
  6. Thunder Dump

    Hello, I need an amp for playing Blues with LP...

    +5 for the Fender Blues Jr. It doesn't get any simplier or better than that.
  7. Thunder Dump


    My condolences. May you find some peace and comfort reliving the memories of all the happy times the two of you shared together........
  8. Thunder Dump

    Is this Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Custom Q Chambered?

    This will have 9-hole weight relief.
  9. Thunder Dump

    Correct me if I'm wrong ...

    It's a Studio Deluxe. These came out starting in 2010
  10. Thunder Dump

    Pat Benatar drops "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" from setlist

    In related news, the Bullet Boys announced they've renamed the band the Tea Cozy Boys.
  11. Thunder Dump

    Personal Stage Monitor

    They've come so far in just the last five years. Don't skimp...if you get the 2.4GHz Xvive ones you get what you pay for. Get a good transmitter/receiver set and then invest in a good set of ears. You don't need to go the custom molded right away. I have the Westone AM Pro 30s and they are...
  12. Thunder Dump

    Personal Stage Monitor

    Make the plunge to IEMs. Sooooo much better and you get to control the 'more me' part very easily.
  13. Thunder Dump

    Custom Shop LP Standard versus Les Paul Custom?

    They've also done anniversary 1960 Customs too.
  14. Thunder Dump

    Underrated Low Wattage Tube Amps

    Love my SL-5. It was my #1 gigging amp for several years. And as others have pointed out it has a 12" V30 which makes a huge difference.
  15. Thunder Dump

    After gig depression??

    You're doing it wrong.
  16. Thunder Dump

    NGD - LP Custom Shop Elegant

    The earlier ones definitely came with '57 Classics so I would assume yours are the same. Awesome guitars!
  17. Thunder Dump

    CME Spec Custom Shop

    I've got two of their CME spec historics and they're fantastic. 2017 CME 1960 Goldtop/Darkback: 2019 CME 1960 Iced Tea:
  18. Thunder Dump

    I believe I'm done with law enforcement.

    I left the field in 2009 after 18 years and haven't missed it. Especially now.
  19. Thunder Dump

    Serial number dating

    Live Buckers were used in many of the Guitar Center/Musicians Friend exclusive runs during 2010-2011 (mostly 2011). They are fantastic pickups but were quickly phased out in favor of the Custom Buckers.