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  1. 1981 LPC

    New Norlin Time! What should I get fellas???

    Sparkles and all. Lovely.
  2. 1981 LPC

    Post Your Black (Beauty) Les Paul Customs

    TP6 on a 1981 Custom. Redheaded bastard stepchild.
  3. 1981 LPC

    New Norlin Time! What should I get fellas???

    I'm thinking of getting a baritone Danelectro. As a polar opposite to a LP.
  4. 1981 LPC

    What year is this 70's Custom from?

    What got into you? Another members corrects you on an often misunderstood point - and you somehow take that as a personal attack? Feel free to leave if that's your attitude.
  5. 1981 LPC

    Dating my 70-72 Les Paul Custom

    Cool guitar! I think I saw it on Marktplaats earlier this week. Groetjes!
  6. 1981 LPC

    Why pay such outrageous prices for beat up replicas of 58-60 Les Pauls?

    Why? Because guitar players spend more time on internet forums than they do practicing and playing with others. It's that simple.
  7. 1981 LPC

    When customization goes hilariously wrong.

    I contacted to seller to ask how he arrived at his asking price. He didn't like that very much. He seems to be a few sticks short of a bundle.
  8. 1981 LPC


    16 hour days... Yikes. Airline pilot?
  9. 1981 LPC

    So I'm starting to research LP Customs

    If you select a guitar based on specs and what internet forums tell you to think about those specs - then get ready to be disappointed. Try before you buy. Also, Norlin era Customs have the best specs.
  10. 1981 LPC

    1975 Les Paul Customs Where are they?

    Wicked Wanda. OMG
  11. 1981 LPC


    How does it compare to a Les Paul, soundwise, with the same pickups?
  12. 1981 LPC


    Damned hipster!
  13. 1981 LPC

    Imperfection is good. Norlin fun.

    Attack of the pick attack! Goes together well with the refret. Schweet.
  14. 1981 LPC

    *** 1956 Goldtop Transformation ***

    I fully disagree. A forum is a place for discussion and exchange of ideas. As a consequence - if you post on a forum you have to expect and respect people with other opinions than your own.
  15. 1981 LPC

    Steller fret work on new Gibsons

    Oh right the guy with 50 minute vids that have 9 minutes of content.
  16. 1981 LPC

    When customization goes hilariously wrong.

    Ah yes, the seller is taking creative writing to new levels. He's using the 'art collectors - museum piece' angle. What really made me LOL was this bit: "Fishman warranty electronics 3 years, structural soundness Gibson indefinate." :fingersx: He's listed the guitar again with this wonderful...
  17. 1981 LPC

    Steller fret work on new Gibsons

    What sad old Brit?
  18. 1981 LPC

    Gibson Custom '82 Refret

    Sorry. I do like Guiness.
  19. 1981 LPC

    Ugliest les Paul ?

    Nothing wrong with that sand paper and acetone can't fix.
  20. 1981 LPC

    ‘57 goldtop mint condition

    Beautiful. Now let's pray it doesn' t get converted.