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  1. verde

    FS: 2018 Knaggs SSC Tier 2 PRICE DROP!

    Like-new Knaggs Steve Stevens Signature model SSC that features a gorgeous Curly Maple top in this amazing Dusk finish. Plays and sounds absolutely incredible. Other specs include a Mahogany body and neck, Cream body binding, Indian Rosewood fretboard, custom SS neck carve, SS block inlays...
  2. verde


    Gorgeous Custom Shop Gibson Les Paul Custom 1968 Reissue in the most amazing Triburst Finish. KILLER LP in every department. It has a fantastic feel, solid build and oozes quality. The guitar sounds absolutely incredible and has a great dynamic and rich tone. Plugged-in, you just get taken by...
  3. verde

    SOLD Lollar dB Humbucker Pickup Set

    Original owner and ordered direct from Lollar last year. Zero issues and sound AMAZING. Asking $300 shipped.
  4. verde


  5. verde


    Gibson's Custom/Historic Division, and the tone maniacs at Wildwood Guitars we are proud to present the Wildwood Spec Historic Les Pauls! These incredible creations feature hand selected hardwoods, Tone Pros long studs and anchors, and Special Designed Gibson Custom Bucker pickups wound to...
  6. verde

    SOLD 2017 Knaggs SSC T1

    SOLD Killer Knaggs Steve Stevens Knaggs Tier 1 SSC Signature with an insanely gorgeous flame maple Aged Scotch Burst T1 Top and absolutely stunning flamed maple Grey Black purfling around the edges. Excellent Condition, just some light wear and swirling. Specs: Mahogany Body Quilt Maple Top w...
  7. verde

    FS: 2017 USA Gibson Explorer w/Upgrades

    Very little time played on it since purchased brand new. Exceptional playing and sounding guitar that has all the massive tone and playability you could ever want. Lots of fantastic features make this guitar shine like no other Explorer I’ve ever owned and I’ve had a few USA models now. Upgrades...
  8. verde

    FS: Gibson 1957 Reissue Les Paul LRP Signature Rolphs

    Just bought this and the neck is a bit thicker than I like (I’m more into thinner profiles a la ‘60s carves these days) which is the only reason it’s up for sale. Mint condition and zero issues. This guitar is a true "Tone Monster" Crazy resonant with incredible sustain. The custom neck profile...
  9. verde

    Pls delete no longer for sale

    Purchased brand new from a dealer a couple months ago and it's barely left it's case. Early serial number, perfect condition and one of the great ones. Resonates like a great Les Paul should and sounds incredible. Outstanding playability as well. Early serial number for this run out of only 250...
  10. verde

    FS: 1976 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty + Upgrades

    Up on the block is my INCREDIBLE 1976 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty with some amazing upgrades. I've owned numerous Custom Shop historic and vintage Les Pauls and this one has been up there with the best of them. Sad to see it go, but financial obligations are calling and need to help fund...
  11. verde

    FS: New Knaggs Kenai Tier 2 Insane Top Wizz Pups

    Up for sale is a Knaggs Guitars Influence Kenai Tier 2 in Aged Scotch with an insanely figured flame Maple top. Brand new mint condition. Plays and sounds absolutely incredible. The whole guitar resonates and sings like no other. Pickups are a $375 set to boot and the best PAF clones ever in my...
  12. verde

    FS: New Fralin Pure PAF Set

    Just had these professionally uninstalled by a local licensed luthier from a brand new guitar. Zero issues and plenty of leads left. Amazing pups! Asking $245 shipped for the set.
  13. verde

    FS: Brand New Wizz Premium PAF Pickups

    Just bought these direct from Wizz. Unused, never installed, brand spankin new. I ended up selling the LP I planned to put them in which is why they're on the block. Asking $345 shipped.
  14. verde

    Friedman Runt 50 EL34 Combo Amp

    Just purchased this bad boy brand new from Guitar Center late last year. I've only flipped it on a handful of times and the volume has never been past 1 on the dial. It's in mint condition with zero issues to speak of. I'm in downsizing mode at the moment which is the only reason it's on the...
  15. verde

    FS: Super Rare USA Fender Deluxe Special Toronado Les Paul Scale

    Up for sale is a VERY rare incredible collector owned NOS 2002 American Fender Special Deluxe Toronado in a gorgeous Translucent Wine Red finish. This model was ONLY produced in 2002 and the bulk of them came with P-90 pickups. Other than the dual humbuckers and the obvious body shape, another...
  16. verde

    FS: Gibson Livebucker Bridge Pickup

    Came out of my 2011 Musicians Friend Run R0 and has plenty of leads left. Killer pickup that can best be described as a Custombucker on steroids that still sings and cleans up just as well if not better than a regular CB. Asking $115 shipped CONUS.
  17. verde

    FS Rare Gibson R0 VOS Les Paul MF Run

    Up for sale is my rare Custom Shop Gibson Les Paul R0 1960 Plaintop VOS Reissue with a stunning lemonburst finish. This guitar was part of a special run that Musician's Friend had done and not to be confused with the one Guitar Center had done (G0 series). This is a genuine R0 with a 60's slim...
  18. verde

    Lots of Bare Knuckle Pickups for Sale

    1 brand new set, 1 like new set and 1 used bridge pickup all details listed below. No trades whatsoever please. 1.) Brand New Custom Ordered Bare Knuckle Fully Calibrated Holydiver and VH2 Pickup Set White Order details: 6-String Bridge...
  19. verde

    FS: Peters FSM/Halo w/ Winged =C='s!

    Peters amps are among the best and most versatile handbuilt boutique amps in the world. This one is no exception and among the most crushing while also sweet and musical if/when you ever want it to be. The Halo (glorious clean channel) and FSM (aggressive yet versatile drive channel) this amp...