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    Dumble Overdrive Special Premier Guitar Review

    Review of an original Dumble ODS. 1983 100-watt Dumble Overdrive Special Demo - Premier Guitar
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    Bad Monkey Bass Control

    Thought I saw this somewhere but can't find it (Google or otherwise). Although I like the pedal the bass control acts too much like a level/gain control. Was this common to all of them or was it a defect? Is it easy to repair (if it indeed was a defect)?
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    67 Deluxe Reverb Restoration

    "Want to know who the busiest mechanic in the garage is? It's usually the guy with the worst looking car out in the lot"! Because he doesn't take the time to keep his own vehicle up. :naughty:
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    Organize My Cheap Rack System

    Slight exaggeration of the word "system" but I could use some help getting this in the best order. It's just for preamp direct input use for now. Made up of cheap things I've picked up recently, some gifted. Digitech DSP 128 Plus (multi effects with chorus, flanger, reverb, echo, EQ but no...
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    Cygnus 20 Watt Kepler

    Built the last Kepler so quickly that I didn't get any sound clips, and no photos. Tried backing tracks and all kinds of fancy stuff today but really just playing shows more of the amp than anything. First clip:
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    Palmetto Guitar Show May 4 and 5

    Usually June, this little show is bumped up to this weekend, May 4th and 5th. Columbia, SC Jamil Temple I'll be there at times, early and late. :thumb:
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    59 Magnavox Tube Stereo

    Didn't look like much more than a couple of old speaker cabs in the antique store. But a closer look inside the back, and the $79.00 price sticker said BUY IT. :D 4 6V6GT's, (3) 7025 12AX7A's. Now I'm trying to convince the sweet wife to make it the "new" cornerstone of our home entertainment...
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    Marshall SS Combo into a Cygnus Build

    I apologize to all of those who are waiting for work to be done. This came to the front of the line. Someone decided after a couple of years they needed to finally get a Cygnus. And got a Marshall combo to make it work. "Boxed up my 83 Marshal 5110 SS amp chassis and its on its way to Cyg for...
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    Tax Question on a Guitar Forum

    Yes, I know...wrong place to ask. Does participation in a 401k cafeteria plan disallow taking the Retirement Tax Savings benefit from form 8880? I meet all of the other criteria. Can't find an answer of the Internet that makes sense. Thanks! :D
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    Paging fett...

    Curmudgeon! Come out wherever you are! :laugh2:
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    Peavey Mark III Bass Head Restoration

    In my never ending quest to get a bass that actually fit my hands (long story), I decided to sell my 5 string two octave Dean Edge to a guy at work that wants to take up the bass. I'll be shopping for a jazz bass to fulfill my own needs. I reminded him that although that's all the bass guitar...
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    New Amp Cab Poll: The Logo

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    POLL: Amp Head Cabinet

    Vote what you think. Comments are welcomed. And please, if you voted "No way" post a reason why.
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    Scope Troubleshooting Weak Channel

    Hmmm. This one has me scratching. A Cygnus 7 with the usual Gain 1 and Gain 2 setup. Symptom is the signal is weak and distorted. First looked for anything obvious like loose connections, bad grounds, bad tubes, and voltages. Nothing stood out as too unusual. So I set up a reference 1K signal...
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    Let's Brew some Beer!

    Extensive search through the backstage and I didn't see any recent threads about home brewing. I used to make it through the starter Mr. Beer, using Cooper's recipes for the most part. Well, sweet wife bought a beer kit it was was twice too large for the little Mr. Beer keg so I am graduating...
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    Sacralige! My Son Needs a Pocket Modeller

    Here's the long story... My son has taken wings and is now in his own apartment. That's the small news. The big news is he gently indicated he might want to start learning guitar. He has grown at an amazing and admirable rate since HS graduation such a short time ago. And has never shown any...
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    Cygnus 7 Amp Head For Sale

    Owner contacted me saying although he LOVES this amp, his living conditions don't allow room for both a combo, and a head+cab situation. So he contacted me to sell it for him. Cygnus 7 watt nominal with 6V6GT. Single ended, single power tube can be exchanged with no biasing for 6K6GT, 6L6GC...
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    Cygnus EL34 42 Watt Hawkings

    Just finished this and couldn't wait to post something about it. Every time I wired up the single ended Cygnus-7 with an EL34 it didn't sound very good. Put this together based on the higher wattage push-pull version and it sounds amazing! Guitar is a homemade LP Standard with Stephens Design...
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    Marshall Valvestate 8008 Stereo Power Amp

    Rack mount gold face. Good condition. I replaced the output transistors with heartier ST TIP 141 and 142. Sounds excellent. One ear slightly bent. These typically go for $150 to $200 used. I'll take $100.00 CONUS only. I will pick up PP fee and shipping.
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    This album still blows my mind. The very short time between this and DSOTM, and the difference between the two is enough to make one wonder. But it still stands as a great piece on its own legs. Although nearly everyone knows me as a Rush certainly didn't start that way (hated...