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    MOD Kits DIY Treble Boost "The Penetrator"

    The Penetrator –Treble Boost Pedal Kit: New from MOD® Kits DIY The Penetrator is a treble boost pedal kit with enough gain to cut straight through any mix. This pedal adds glistening harmonics that get loud enough to saturate your amp’s front end. Adjust the level knob to vary the output so...
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    New 100W 12" Jensen Raptor

    Jensen has unveiled the latest addition to its Jet line of speakers, the Jet Raptor. From the company: The Jensen Jet Raptor is a powerful speaker with smooth and warm sound. It has excellent definition in the upper midrange. When presented with overdrive distortion, it exhibits a silky...
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    MOD Kits DIY Unveils The Rock Bottom Bass Fuzz Pedal Kit

    The Rock Bottom is a bass fuzz kit that delivers all the sizzle you’d expect from a vintage fuzz pedal without sacrificing the low frequencies. Use the blend pot to set your desired fuzz levels and dial in the volume pot to get the precise sound you want. This versatile pedal has the range to...
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    Enhanced APEX Tube Matching!!!!!!!

    Hey everyone! Our APEX tube matching just got even better. Be sure to head over to to check it out!
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    10% off Hammond Transformers. Get in on this !

    We've got another Flash Sale running right now! 10% off Hammond Transformers. Get in on this while it lasts!
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    Flash Sale: 20% Off All Capacitors for Your Guitar or Amp

    We're running a cap sale so now is the time to buy if you're looking to re-cap an amp or grab some Orange Drops for your guitar!
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    New YouTube Video!!!!

    So check out this video featuring the Caig Guitar Care Kit and how it can help you take your guitar from a dirty mess to shinin' like a new dime!
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    Amplified Parts YouTube Channel!

    Hey Everyone check out our latest video where we talk about the power supplies for pedalboards that we sell. There are also some new products videos up there to check out!
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    HAPPY 4TH!!!!!!!!

    We hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th! be sure to check out the Youtube page if you need something to do and also visit our website where we're running a sale !!!!!!!!
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    MODKitsDIY Videos!!

    How was everyone's weekend? We're back at it today and letting folks know about a series of videos we'll be putting up on our YouTube page highlighting the ModKitsDiy kits. First up? The Suspended Chime!
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    **Flash Sale**!!!!!!!!

    **FLASH SALE!** (cue airhorn noise)....Be sure to check out this little gem we have going on for the next few days. Both of these offerings are enticing to the tube hound in all of us! Who doesn't like free power tube matching and a sale on the most popular preamp tube type out there...
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    TAD Biasmaster!!!!

    We have a new video up on our YouTube channel talking about the TAD BiasMaster meter. This little gadget is really helpful when you're trying to get your monster 100 watt Marshall dialed in! You can follow the link and check it out. Be sure to subscribe as we're always loading up new videos on...
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    April Sale+ New YouTube Videos!! Hey Everyone, Follow the link over to our YouTube channel for a couple new videos! We've also started a new sale over on that's giving you 25% off of the entire line of Jensen Loudspeakers through April 30th! We don't cut...
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    New videos up on our YouTube channel!

    Hey Everyone, So, we've been adding new videos weekly on our YouTube channel. Follow the link over to our page and you'll find some good info on using a Vibramate, removing tough bridge studs, and an explanation of the code on your spring reverb tank etc. Be...
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    Amplified Parts YouTube Channel!

    We've started uploading new videos on a weekly basis to our YouTube channel. We'll include new and existing product highlights as well as occasional instructional videos, trade show coverage etc. Who knows what we might throw on there! This week's video should be up soon! Be sure to...
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    2013 Tempe Guitar Show, Tempe, AZ

    Saturday, March 23, 2013 6221 S. Maple Ave. Tempe, AZ 85283 Open to the public 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM Booths still available. Early registration deadline February 5th. Tempe Guitar Show
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    The Verb Deluxe Pedal Kit

    The Verb Deluxe | MOD Kits DIY
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    New Effects Pedal Kit "The Trill Tremolo"

    The Trill tremolo pedal offers classic tremolo tones in an easy to build kit. The Trill's speed knob provides a wide range from a very slow to rapid fire effect. The depth knob varies the ratio between effected and dry signal. Using modern, low noise transistors makes operation of The Trill...