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  1. BoxyBrown22

    '99 Tele NGD and bridge suggestions

    Howdy Fender land of MLP. I'm not on here much but I thought I'd share my newest acquisition a 1999 Fender American Standard Telecaster. My Telecaster patch in the front yard is doing okay this year, maybe a custom shop or vintage piece next year. Maple board, see thru Mary-Kaye like poly...
  2. BoxyBrown22

    Step Rockets

    I caught these guys at South by South West in Austin, Texas. Very 80's sounding, and some fun guitar work. Not complex or mind blowing, but still great stuff. I'm really quite into them now! Thought I'd share them with y'all! Step Rockets - Sleep Position - Audiotree Live
  3. BoxyBrown22

    New Frets, Same Les Paul

    I gave in and had my Deluxe refretted. Worth it! The frets were down to nubs on the board, it started choking notes real bad and becoming the least playable guitar I owned. Very happy with the results, and here are some pics! I've had almost all the the hardware changed out, the original...
  4. BoxyBrown22

    New Borrowed Guitar: Silvertone 1446

    My friend is letting me borrow his old'n guitar. It's funny, I have plenty of 'better' guitars but I have the most fun with this ol' boy. I don't have any snazzy pics, too busy playing it. Anyone else have/had one of these? I love it, it's a 'crummy' guitar, but in a way I dig! Some pics and...
  5. BoxyBrown22

    Real or Copy Rickenbacker Bass

    Hey all, I'm cleaning up a friends bass and we've been wondering if it is REAL or a copy. He bought it as a copy, there is no serial number on the Jack Plate as it looks like a replacement (it doesn't have rick-o-sound instead it has stereo-sound), but everything seems to match up to it being...
  6. BoxyBrown22

    NGD Classic 50s Strat

    Well, I've been wanting this strat for awhile and my buddy is letting me 'borrow' it. He just moved to study in another country and didn't want to take it with him. I've had a LOT of strats over the years, I still have my 70's AV and 57' AV, and this lil' Mexican strat kills them. I was...
  7. BoxyBrown22

    Please, Post your Norlin

    Because I miss my Norlin :( I've been living in Austria on an exhange for the past year and I miss my wonderful Norlin-Era Les Paul. Soon, I will be going back to Texas, but I do miss my Les Paul Deluxe none the less!
  8. BoxyBrown22

    Travelling Internationally with a Guitar

    Alrighty-right, I have a question for those who have done more travelling than I. I want to somehow end up with my SG standard in Austria. I'm going on an exchange for a year to Uni. there, and I can't imagine NOT having a guitar or ending up with one I can't stand to play. I've asked...
  9. BoxyBrown22

    White Top, Black Back Custom?

    Anyone seen this before? I think it's cool but I question if it's original It would be cool to know more about this paint job, apparently there's 2 on g-base right now. It seems kind of like Gibson's attempt at copying Mick Ronson's guitar. Just a theory with no backing...
  10. BoxyBrown22

    Something Cool Walks in

    I work at a guitar store that sells Fenders, Epi's, mostly middle of the road stuff. Our main buisiness is repairs and we get in lots of guitars from all over Texas and Oklahoma. We got this in today! Uno momento, hit enter too fast... pics soon It's an Epi coronet
  11. BoxyBrown22

    Mini HB Mounts

    Does anyone know where I can get some mini-humbucker rings that ACTUALLY FIT my Gibson???? I tried the All Parts ones but they were too big, if someone could point me to a site or something that would be awesome!!! I'm getting really pissed about one Deluxe sitting in a corner.... :mad2:
  12. BoxyBrown22

    Norlin Inconsistencies

    I've got 2 Norlin Deluxes and I don't know if anyone else has the same thing, but both are pretty different guitars. I don't know when Gibson started using CNC machines, but I could imagine things like that came into use during the 70s. Anyways, here's the stuff on my 2 that I've noticed...
  13. BoxyBrown22

    Neal Schon Burny?

    While bored I was looking around my favroite japanese site I found this Burny LG-135NS anyone else seen one?!? I've seen Burny make some cool guitars, but this one may take the cake!
  14. BoxyBrown22

    Mini HB mounts

    I'm replacing the pickups in my 74' Deluxe. I want to reuse the mounts on it, at first I thought it would be easy, but alas... 'twas not. Apparently the nut that holds the screw to base part has the nut soldered to the bottom of it... I got one off by using the soldering gun to twist the nut...
  15. BoxyBrown22

    Pancake Body Reasoning?

    I figure of someone is going to know it'll be one of you out there! Could someone tell me the logic behind using the 'pancake' style body that Gibson used during the 70s? Here are the 2 explanations I've heard in the past, but they seemed speculative at best. The first is 'During the 70s...
  16. BoxyBrown22

    Mini-HB replacements?

    Alright, here's whats up. I have a 1974 LP deluxe, it's 100% beast and weighs a ton, about 12 lbs. I'm replacing the electronics with an RS guitarworks kit (modern) and I'm looking to put in some new pickups that don't squeal and sound great. I'm thinking of going SD Antiquity mini in the...