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  1. jb_abides

    Peter Fonda has died -lung cancer

  2. jb_abides

    SOLD. 2017 Gibson Les Paul Classic Limited Edition Goldtop w/Bigsby. $1250+ Shipping.

    Sweet guitars at a nice price... GLWTS! :cheers:
  3. jb_abides

    NGD-Tobacco Burst 50s Standard-updated pics

    TOTALLY worth it! Awesome top.
  4. jb_abides

    Active shooting in Philadelphia 5 cops shot

    Disagree. I don't know what you mean 'technically'... if semantics means 'in mass' then what's the appropriate number? Who is counting, by what definition. I exclude media or organizations with any agency in my accepted criteria. I go by US law, both US Congress and US law enforcement...
  5. jb_abides

    Active shooting in Philadelphia 5 cops shot

    MOVE was resolved with C-4 + Tovex drop from helicopter on orders of Mayor Wilson Goode. Of course, the fire department did the heavy lifting... “Any problem on Earth can be solved with the careful application of high explosives. The trick is not to be around when they go off.” Where's...
  6. jb_abides

    Ted Nugent does a NYPD briefing...........

    No matter his specific brand of politics, Ted always gives of himself to support things he believes in, which is admirable.
  7. jb_abides

    Finish and Color for new M2M .

    Green, because I don't like the fades. I want a burst all around.... also like the danger burst. Why not look thru BOTB, Believers, and Burst Serial number (or even forum / net searches for tops you like and send them to Gibson..?!
  8. jb_abides

    New Family Photo - Wall of Brazilians

    Nice! Keep the Pauls on high! Can you tell us about construction, wall material, mounting hooks to studs or...?
  9. jb_abides

    Epstein is dead

    I just want to state for the record, it wasn't me... I was busy picnicking with my teddy bear at the grove. [ In Before The Lock ] :cheers:
  10. jb_abides

    In Conversation With Jimmy Page | Artist Signature Series | Fender

    Restoration.. short version: Jimmy personally restored it in collaboration with an artist in preparation for the new book, which precipitated his outreach to Fender, initiating the reissue. Jimmy Page once painted a dragon, and used it to slay. Jimmy Page quietly revealed his restored...
  11. jb_abides

    In Conversation With Jimmy Page | Artist Signature Series | Fender

    Enjoyed this... figured out the restoration from the "disaster artist" in my next post.
  12. jb_abides

    Saying goodbye to my beautiful dog today. :(

    Sorry for your impending loss. My condolences. Don't cry because it's over... Smile because it happened!
  13. jb_abides

    Tom Holmes is retiring

    I've got 1 set... happy retirement and God bless :cheers:
  14. jb_abides

    New Arrival Red Teaburst 1959 Reissue

    Beautiful, beautiful burst color here! (BTW - 2 pics are not showing just tile placeholders).
  15. jb_abides

    NGD - Hagstrom Swede

    Congrats... I think you've just hit the ball out of the park for the best bang-for-buck, ~1k combo for LP/British amp tone! This rig looks good together as well. Enjoy!
  16. jb_abides

    What I have been up to....

    Awesome. Kudos to you, picture under pickup very nice touch...
  17. jb_abides

    NGD 1984 Ibanez AR105

    you gotta deal, enjoy
  18. jb_abides

    got a 3 day ban from FB I love it....

    Everyone should report everything so the platform grinds to a halt, or folks depart for Gab, etc. Real Salem Witch trial stuff, call out anyone who triggers anything in you a "witch" and enter The Crucible... [Although this old stool reference may get me banned since I am using a metaphor /...