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    So, a while back the wife and I are in one of the local shops and she sees this PRS Zach Myers SE in the silver sparkleburst. She liked it, and yesterday she bought me one. Never been a PRS guy, but this has turned out to be a damn nice guitar. I'll definitely keep it. The workmanship of this...
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    NGD for me!!!

    I picked up my second Les Paul today. Brought home a 2010 Traditional Pro in cherry sunburst. It's a great guitar. Lurking around this site helped a lot in choosing this one. Thanks to everbody here. I'll try to get up some pics soon.
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    Another New Guy

    I've lurked some here before signing up, and this seems to be the place to be for LP discussion and info. I'm just an old fat guy whose equipment far exceeds his ability to use it, but have a good time at it. I suppose that's what counts. So, hello.