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    Incoming NAD- Homestead HS50 1x15 Texas Storm

    Found one of these for a good price used...sooooooo, should be hitting my doorstep tomorrow. Full tone report to follow....maybe even pics and/or video if yer nice.
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    Did Henry go to work for Fender?

    $4K-$7K for a custom shop Strat...and now this:
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    Ummm, yeah...that ain't an R7

    Sorry...what you've got there is a 2011 50's Tribute model worth about $800...
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    FS- Homebrew Unchained/Circles guitar body- KNE alder

    Homebrew Unchained/Circles guitar body- KNE alder body with Duplicolor finish. Includes output jack, jack cup, volume knob, volume pot, all wiring and control cavity cover. SOLD!
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    In Ft Lauderdale for a week. Recs?

    I'm in Ft Lauderdale for the week, on vacation. Anyone got any "can't miss" recommendations?
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    WTB- GMW Randy Rhoads Polka Dot V

    I'm looking for a GMW Randy Rhoads Polka Dot V replica in the standard black with white dots. Would like the standard specs Randy had- 21 fret Rosewood neck. Floyd or Gotoh bridge, but prefer a non-recessed Floyd Rose system. Thanks!
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    VH "Kramer ad Franky" replica kit- complete

    Here's everything you need for a VH Kramer ad Franky, except for the paint on the body. I've had this sitting around for a while now and just can't get motivated to finish it, so I figured someone else could probably give it the attention it needs. Asking $600 shipped, via Paypal. The kit...
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    2018 LE Modern Double Cut- another 2015?

    Anyone else think this one is going to make its mark right alongside the 2015 "improvements?" No thanks.... :noway:
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    All-New Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop Burstdriver.....ummmmm, WHY?

    "Throw your Les Paul into overdrive (quite literally) with the new Gibson Custom Shop Burstdriver Les Paul, this one in an Amber Ale burst finish over a lightly figured top. The guitar has an analog overdrive circuit built in, engaged with a push/pull neck tone knob. The knob can control the...
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    Bently student model Classical- CHEAP!

    This is a student model Bently classical I bought about 20 years ago when I was taking classical guitar lessons in college. Great condition, excellent player!- $60 Shipped via Paypal.
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    Ibanez Talman acoustic/electric- LIKE NEW-CHEAP!

    Ibanez Talman acoustic/electric- mint condition, barely played. I bought this guitar for my wife when she expressed interest in learning to play, but the inspiration for her wore off pretty it's for sale. Has onboard tuner and controls for vol, bass and treble adjustment. This...
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    Nut issue or truss rod?

    I've got a set-neck V with an action issue. As it is, the action over the first 5 or 6 frets near the nut is so low it almost frets out. It's not quite there, but it's close. At the same time, the action from about the 14th or 15th fret or so through the 22nd is way too high. Does this sound...
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    FSOT- Sunburst 1999 Yamano Gibson Les Paul R0- PRICE DROP 8/16

    1999 Yamano Gibson Les Paul R0- includes original HSC, paperwork and case candy. Some wear and worming, but still excellent condition for an 18 yr old guitar. It's been played a lot, but that's because it's one of those guitars you want to play a LOT. Currently has zebra Duncan Alnico II Pro...