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  1. flamesarewicked

    In praise of The New Originals!

    Posting just because.. it’s of the Wildwood variety.. and a lil 50w 212 I recently picked up
  2. flamesarewicked

    Overused terms related to guitars?

    I’ll throw this one out there Rare Just because they didn’t make many of them doesn’t automatically make it valuable.
  3. flamesarewicked

    Does MSRP even matter anymore or is it just there to piss me off?

    From my recent vehicle purchase experience.. I didn’t buy a pickup but.. I had a vehicle in mind to buy. I had my current model at the time for sale. Trading in wasn’t really a possibility since it was a bit of a speciality item. Most dealers went off of the lowest version of “book value” they...
  4. flamesarewicked

    FS: 2018 R9 with vintage parts

    I still keep photos of this thing from when I had it on my phone… def the best looking top ever
  5. flamesarewicked

    2022 Les Paul Standard...worth MSRP?

    I’ve owned a ton of Les Pauls all over the years. Some I bought in person at a shop or private owner and some I’ve ordered from Sweetwater, Zzounds, CME, Kansas City vintage, and Wildwood guitars. If ordering is a possibility and you wanna go brand spanking new. Wildwood would my suggestion...
  6. flamesarewicked

    Let's See Your Favorite Les Paul in 2022!

    Another shot of it.. it’s courtesy of Wildwood Guitars It’s one of their exclusive 50s models in unburst with their fancy Wildwood pickups Of course their camera work always wins
  7. flamesarewicked

    NGD: What Pickups Should I Change To From EMG

    I would say fishman fluence classics would fit the bill. Classic PAF tone with the option of a slightly hotter bridge voicing.. it’s already setup for active pickups so it would work out great.
  8. flamesarewicked

    Current 2nd Hand Les Paul pricing...Too High?

    It has been a shit show for some time.. but now that people have blown their Covid wad on guitars they won’t likely keep because “wow, this is a lot harder to learn than I figured”..or “wow, this expensive ass guitar doesn’t make me instantly sound like Slash even on a bad day” prices will come...
  9. flamesarewicked

    Another GC Guitar Experience

    Guitar center basically takes them out of the case or box and hangs them on the wall… just like a Walmart employee stocks the shelves with raviolis… if you’re expecting more than that, you will live a life of constant disappointment lol
  10. flamesarewicked

    Let's See Your Favorite Les Paul in 2022!

    But a new contender has come forth
  11. flamesarewicked

    Would you buy a Les Paul with a repaired neck crack?

    If it’s cheap enough… and doesn’t look like Frankenstein’s monster
  12. flamesarewicked


    Where I live.. your only option is satellite.. it’s mediocre at best. Fine for YouTube watching and surfing. It’s probably okay for streaming stuff like Netflix but with a usage cap per month… I wouldn’t advise being a Netflix junkie. There’s rumor of fiber optic coming down this way but I think...
  13. flamesarewicked

    Help with unusual 2014 LP

    The regular trad that year had a big neck. That would set it apart from the standard and traditional pro I believe.
  14. flamesarewicked

    Let's See Your Favorite Les Paul in 2022!

    Bittersweet but I no longer own it… a fellow member will get to enjoy it however..
  15. flamesarewicked

    Apparently, I'm a snob.

    I can kinda relate… I don’t mind it on LP Juniors since that’s just how they’ve always came.. the logo that comes on say a LP standard is far more attractive in comparison between the two..

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