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  1. PJM

    Lockard 187 32 ohm hookup question

    Hey, looking for some answers for hooking up a Lockard 187 guitar head. It is a 32 ohm head with a single output for a cabinet. I 16 ohm cabs. What is the best way to hook up this amp to a non 32 ohm cabinet? Is that possible? or will I have to get the Lockard 32 ohm cab? Thanks in advance
  2. PJM

    F/S Fender mid boost kit

    I have an extra Fender mid-boost kit for sale $45 dollars pp gift. I can ship the same days as payment, If its before 5 cst.
  3. PJM

    Help identifying pickups

    I have a set of pickups that i've been trying to identify with no luck. Any help would greatly appreciated.
  4. PJM

    Fender Custom Shop 1969 Stratocaster Burgundy Mist Trade feeler

    I have a custom shop 1969 Fender Stratocaster in burgundy mist that was built in 2010. The guitar was lightly relic'd by the Fender Custom Shop. I have all the papers including the case candy, which the plastic bag that it came in has not been opened, as well as hand tags. I'm considering...
  5. PJM

    WTB Blackstar HT DIST Power Supply

    Looking to buy a Blackstar HT Dist power supply. Please let me know if you have one you are willing to sell. Thanks
  6. PJM

    Looking to Buy OTPG Pickups

    Just like the title says I'm looking for a pair of Over The Pond Guy pickups. PM with what you got. Thanks.
  7. PJM

    FS/FT 1969 Custom Shop Stratocaster

    Have a 1969 Stratocaster in black with a rosewood fretboard that I am looking to trade or sell. Specs are as follows- 12" neck radius medium jumbo frets Sperzel locking tuners Dark rosewood fingerboard quartersawn maple neck, 69 "U" shape alder body NOS black finish Custom shop 69 pickups Has...
  8. PJM


    I figured I'd make a thread were we could post all the good black friday through cyber monday deals on all items such as electronics, cd's, books, etc(I know cd's and books are outdated those are just examples). Hopefully it helps us all say a little money this holdiay season.:thumb:
  9. PJM

    Attention R9 Owners

    I'm looking into purchasing another historic and was wondering if owners of R9's could tell me the neck profiles on there guitar and what is the slimmest you can typically get one compared to and R0. I was wondering as I've played a handful of R9's, but none recently, some i cant remember how...
  10. PJM

    Blackstar Artisan 100 Plexi Style Head

    Up for sale is my Blackstar Artisan 100 head. Amplifier is similar to a plexi in that it has no master volume, but adds a little bit more versatility with a four way knob that voices the amp differently. The four voices are takes off the early Fender tweed amps, the Fender blackface tweed amp...
  11. PJM

    Carlo Robelli Les Paul

    Hey, came across ones of these. Does any one have any info on Carlo Robelli les pauls?
  12. PJM

    52 Gibson Goldtop Prototype

    1952 Gibson Les Paul Prototype Found this on craigslist today, thought i would put it up and see what everyone has to say about authenticity. Haven't seen a prototype like this. Also, thought i would put it up if anyone if interested in purchase. I am in no way affilitated with the seller...
  13. PJM

    52 Gibson Goldtop Original Prototype

    1952 Gibson Les Paul Prototype
  14. PJM

    WTB-Pre 1970 SG or Les Paul

    Looking for a reasonably priced vintage pre 1970 SG or Les Paul. I'm looking to spend no more around $3000, I know its not top dollar, but I'm not expecting a collectors condition guitar. Preferably no structural damage(neck repairs etc...). PM me an let me know what you have pictures if...
  15. PJM

    What do you guys think?

    This one has been on craigslist for a while, kind of sketchy details says its a 63' special. He just moved the price from $2100 to $900. It's been up for quite a while (couple months at least). Was wondering if this would be a good time to make an offer. I can't estimate the value of a...
  16. PJM

    Stress Fracture questions

    I got a list of a couple questions regarding stress fractures on guitars. -How big of a deal are a few minor stress factures on the guitar around the control cavity? -Do the fractures eventually get bigger and break if left unprepared? -How much do you think it would effect the value of a...
  17. PJM

    Contacting a moderator

    How do I find out who's a moderator, and where can I contact them to edit my post? Thanks in advance
  18. PJM

    57 RI Black beauty

    Found a 3 pickup 1957 black beauty with bigsby at a pawn shop. Has all the hand tags and COA. The shop was asking $4000, but i think thats a little steep. I was wondering if anybody had dealt with pawn shops and could advise me on what do you think the lowest reasonable offer i could make to...
  19. PJM

    Need Help..T Tops

    i came across three sets of T-tops that are available for me to buy, I was wondering if anyone could tell by these pics (the only ones i have), which pickup could be a late 60's made t top vs early 70's made t top. I know there may be no way to tell, but would appreciate the help thanks.
  20. PJM

    Gibson L-00 Reissue

    Up for sale is a 2001 L-00 reissue. is in good condition with just minor playing wear, with the exceptions of having a headstock repair. Has a pickup in it and comes with OHSC. 1100-OBO

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