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  1. blueheeler

    68GT pot dates

    Here are a couple of pics of the pot dates on my '68 that are located on the side of the pot.Some of you guys might not have seen this before.The numbers are spaced a little differently from what we usually see on the back of the pots.They are dated the 26th week of 68 and i guess this would...
  2. blueheeler

    68 GT jackplate

    Would anybody have a pic of an original 68 GT jackplate? I recently purchased one off the bay,but im not sure if it's correct.I'd like to know the correct color and if the edges are square or rolled.
  3. blueheeler

    68 Goldtop pics

    I've just picked up this very clean 68GT a few weeks ago.All original with hang tag, booklet and case.A dream to play and sounds beautiful.Here's some pics...
  4. blueheeler

    Hot Harley

    I've had some time away from guitars lately,playing with my new Nightrain.For those of you who maybe interested in bikes,here's a pic.
  5. blueheeler

    FS: 2000 R9 Vintage Red

    Up for grabs is my gorgeous '59 RI Historic Les Paul. Excellent condition,no buckle rash or worming marks. Comes with case candy and ohsc.No certificate. I would much prefer a forum member from here or the LPF to own her. For more info PM me or email to [email protected]
  6. blueheeler

    2 great looking R9's on aussie ebay

    Someone's gotta get lucky down under with these two gems. Gibson Historic '59RI Les Paul - eBay, Electric, Guitars, Musical Instruments. (end time 07-Sep-08 19:31:48 AEST) Gibson Historic '59RI Les Paul - eBay, Electric, Guitars, Musical Instruments. (end time 07-Sep-08 20:54:50 AEST)
  7. blueheeler

    Classic '57's VS Burstbuckers

    I wonder if anyone else prefers 57's over BB's?Don't get me wrong,BB's are great,but for me,the 57's are so much sweeter.:hmm:
  8. blueheeler

    FS:06 R9 Washed Cherry in Oz

    Selling a beautiful 06 R9 in washed cherry,excellent condition, bar some slight worming marks on the back.Has a very vintage looking top,plays and sounds fantastic.Comes with all the case candy and the lifton case.AU$4500.00 plus shipping.Any more [email protected]
  9. blueheeler

    Aussie members with Historic LP's

    Thought it might be a good idea to see who has what in the land down under.Obviously got the idea from Stowburst's thread-cheers Mark-let's see what comes up.
  10. blueheeler

    The usual suspect's!

    Just some fun,look's like a 'bad guy' line up from a movie.
  11. blueheeler

    My 'new' 02 R8

    This little gem was shipped to Oz in '02 by the Gibson distributor.Back then,it was hideously overpriced and so no one purchased it.It remained on display in Melbourne before finding it's way to the Gold Coast store.I got wind of it last year and asked the local dealer to transfer it here for me...
  12. blueheeler

    Gassing for this 59RI

    After seeing this at a dealer for a rude amount of money,i may end up getting it from the owner for a bargain!!!
  13. blueheeler

    Opinions on this top...

    This 2000 R9 has just become available to buy.Plays like a dream, has lots of natural checking and is a dark faded cherry-more like a brockburst color.Let me know what you think.
  14. blueheeler

    2 R9's from 2000-nice flame

    Recently got these at a little show here in Oz.Two very different types of flame, but both very attractive-well they are to me.
  15. blueheeler

    Vintage red R9 pic's

    Just got this 59 RI in vintage red after a long battle with severe GAS!! It was made in August 2000-according to Gibson.It has a great neck, real rounded edges-easy to play, good tone and sustain-nice warm growl, not harsh and gritty.Got a couple of quick pic's, more to come-hope you like it...
  16. blueheeler

    First post here

    Hi everyone,just registered here-nice to see some familiar people from the LPF.As you can see from the avatar, currently have 5 historic's-and this new iced tea R9.Thought this would be a good way to start...

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