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  1. lespaulfreak93

    "You can only play one at a time"

    I think most of us who own a collection of guitars have experienced this silly statement a few times? "Why do you need more than one?" "You can only play one at a time." "What's the difference anyway, this is a guitar and that's a guitar". Usually this means "I have a different hobby so yours...
  2. lespaulfreak93

    Love your dealer... it could be worse.

    Hi, I'm back for a moment from my MLP hiatus to tell y'all a story about the Gibson Distributor in my country. 2 months back I bought a double cut special with 2 pickups at an auction site (kinda our eBay, but only for our country). The auction had pictures of exactly the model I got, serial...
  3. lespaulfreak93

    Bulk NGD, because I spend more time buying guitars than I do on the internet

    Hi. Long story short, in June 2019 I had 19 guitars and now when my next one comes this week I will have 41. 40 if you don't count one that's in parts and waiting for a re-build, but I do. Haven't been visiting this site, was planning to quit for many reasons, mental health issues included...
  4. lespaulfreak93

    NGD: 2018 2019 Black Classic

    Finally Finally, a Gibson NGD for me. This time for the first time I paid for the whole thing and I'm proud of myself. It's a 2019 Classic... but made in 2018. In 2017 I was telling myself "you could never own a Gibson..." It's 2020 and I now have two amazing ones! Last photo is between my...
  5. lespaulfreak93

    Late NGD: Squier 70's Jaguar

    Hi! I've had this beauty since late last month, I got pretty much the first one that was shipped to Europe. It arrived over 2 weeks ago, I've been spending all my free time playing it so haven't made an effort to make a NGD post yet. Man am I loving this beauty. Just look at it! Most of all I...
  6. lespaulfreak93

    My first record player!

    Hey MLP gang, Thought I'd share this cool little moment with y'all. I got my first record player today! My dad used to have one when I was a baby but sold it along with his extensive record collection to fund my upbringing... before I could even remember it. (By the way, having an extensive...
  7. lespaulfreak93

    NAD! Mini Silver Jubilee 2525H

    Here it is! My first "adult" purchase! Late NAD, came in on Wednesday. This little beauty on top. (Pics are horrible because my phone camera lens are cracked) What can I say? Absolute tonal perfection. Total opposite of the POS sitting underneath. Literally got my perfect dream tone by...
  8. lespaulfreak93

    1000th post thoughts and stuff

    Well what the hell, everything gets posted here so I might as well post some MLP thoughts after 1000 posts... To put it in perspective I registered many years ago, but my first post was after Alvin Hendrix was Banned (so early April) I always wanted to be an active member, but felt stupid...
  9. lespaulfreak93

    NGD and a hello to my favorite forum!

    Hi there! Short version: My new 2017 traditional. Pics at the bottom. Never been happier in my life. It's a long story, sorry ;-). First of all, this is my first post, though I've been lurking since I was a kid (many years before I made an account.) I like this forum more than "the other one"...

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