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  1. sasquatch

    Epiphone Les Paul Muse Electric Guitar / Les Paul Classic Worn Electric Guitar

    Epiphone Les Paul Muse Electric Guitar, Chambered Lightweight Body, 24.75" Scale Okoume Neck with Indian Laurel Fingerboard, Ceramic Plus Humbuckers with Coil-Splitting and Phase Switch, Grover Tuners Epiphone Les...
  2. sasquatch

    Won't stay tuned. . . .

    My 2017 Les Paul Tribute with Locking Grover tuners ....they slip, always having trouble with them... are in need of replacements. I've got my eye on a set of Wilkinson tuners with Imperial buttons, look great, same footprint, but unsure of the size thing and are they direct fit? Look...
  3. sasquatch

    Bjorn with G.A.S.

    Crack That Wind !! It's just not possible for me to ignore a sale. A price tag suggesting a $300 discount on the bottle opener I've been watching for a couple of years that's attached to a guitar. Jotun ...I don't Need another guitar. Pull the Trigger yay yow!!
  4. sasquatch

    12 String Riviera time! Help me, Ronda

    Well I jumped on in. I don't know the first thing about tuning a 12 either, but I don't mind. Lesson of the week time, again. . . Really have been wanting one for a few years, so if I can't have VS, at least the Red is stellar looking. And for the price, it was painless. Outlook to come.
  5. sasquatch

    NGD: Epiphone G-400 Exclusive Deluxe PRO Electric Guitar, Honeyburst

    This guitar came already set-up. Tuned it up and played it! Epiphone has got some fine instruments, and the GAS keeps building. It's also got some rather nice appointments/ improvements over a 2008 model I once owned. Picture is dark, so you can't see the tenon cover, but it's cut differently...
  6. sasquatch

    People and Signatures....

    It's been a long time since the 1950's Lucille Ball had wonderful penmanship, so what could the possibility be that Ted McCarty and Les Paul visited Hollywood? ...and purchased a signature? No, it isn't a perfect match but has its possibilities
  7. sasquatch

    Oh, Caroline!

    12 String Riviera on its way I've never held one but I'm looking forward to seeing how it stacks up
  8. sasquatch

    Some mods! 335 stuff

    I can get back!:bowdown (Not the phones fault this time! doesn't always agree) 335 has gone though some changes and with some help (reading) we got it squared away. Just wanted to show a picture I've gone for a 70's feel least I was 11 :eek: in '75, but that's as close as I...
  9. sasquatch

    PLT parts letting me down....

  10. sasquatch

    They will ALL Get new ABR-1 bridges + posts

    The best thing to happen for the sound of my '55 Custom was replacing the stock bridge, for one Now I've set out to get every Epiphone I own converted to the better bridge and post set. The 335 is being done already. The difference is beyond what I expected. Hoping to have a projection of sound...
  11. sasquatch

    Thunderbird Pro got a Babicz

    Came out better than expected!
  12. sasquatch

    I simply can't complain.

    Epiphone. You have Simply Been Amazing! Every item purchased since 2015 has been Off The Chain GOOD. No Issues really, perhaps a switch, But for the Most Part, All that has been needed: A proper Set Up. Not too much to speak of, a few things tightened up or perhaps trimmed due to weather and...
  13. sasquatch

    Embassy in Ebony

    (Blemished) 1st one! Hopefully it arrives with the 'can't find it anywhere' blem. what are the chances I wonder? Anyho, for $319 it was crazy cheap. Looming to try those pickups...and(?) None of the shops in my area either know of it or keep one in stock.
  14. sasquatch

    Unbelievable Gibson Deal!!

    Wow! Imagine the possibilities Who Tribute Band time? Stock up smashing...
  15. sasquatch

    Bourbon Burst & Dirty Lemon LP prices rise

    To $599 I suppose Epiphone was going to see how these fared against the usual choices? Seems they did ok I surely was scratching my noggin' wondering why on earth did it cost less? Glad I bought mine last year for $499. What a Steal! These should never...
  16. sasquatch

    Has anyone attempted a Staple in their '55?

    I've been told to beware of the routing in my '55 that it's not deep enough to fit the Staple P-90 pickup in the neck position and will need depth added to make it work, plus the toggle switch wires could be in the way of the screws that hold the pickup in place anyone got a heads up on this so...
  17. sasquatch

    My first Les Paul

    My first 'Les Paul From around December, 1977 a Castilla such as pictured Bought at The Music Scene Hwy. 74 Charlotte, N.C. It had a sticker for a namesake much like a College team banner (if this wound up in the wrong section I apologize.. was Real shocked to actually find a picture of it)
  18. sasquatch

    NGD: Inspired by 1955 Les Paul Custom

    I'm More Inspired than Ever maybe just leave her alone for a while. I don't feel the need to change anything just yet Neck pickup looks and sounds lovely.
  19. sasquatch

    James Bay '66 Century

    Does anyone have one of these Great looking Guitars? Nothing much to go on yet...still waiting. The Johnny A looks Killa too, but maybe just one video out from a consumer. Thanks._
  20. sasquatch

    Epiphone Les Paul Custom Artisan, upgrades

    I couldn't just sit idle while there are things that needed some work! 5 Ply Pickguard Custom Engraved Truss Rod Cover inscripted, not just painted She is now complete

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