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  1. ClassyGuy

    My vintage burst baby

    Congrats! Nice looking classic. You can reduce how hot the pickups are by lowering them down a bit. I found they were a little more versatile like that. closer to the strings they really champ at the bit.
  2. ClassyGuy

    High-Order Jimmy page T-Top?

    From now on, you got a question? You ask the eight ball!
  3. ClassyGuy

    High-Order Jimmy page T-Top?

    I put a set of High Order pickups in my LP Classic. I just went for his suggested Page combination, which has a T-Top for the bridge. Both with nickel covers. I'm not an expert on pickups, but I am very satisfied with the set. Big step up in quality and versatility of the stock pickups...
  4. ClassyGuy

    NEW Traynor Dark Horse 15/2 Watt Head!!!!!

    The guy at the shop I got my Dark Horse from predicted this :D Sounds pretty cool, I'll give it a spin, but doubt I would buy it. I down-watted from 100 to 15 with the Dark Horse because I could never use my 100 watter any higher than about 4-5. Dark Horse is more than loud enough for me these...
  5. ClassyGuy

    Electro Harmonix 44 magnum, how loud is this little bastard??

    You just have to give it a spin yourself man! Your results may vary as they say.
  6. ClassyGuy

    Electro Harmonix 44 magnum, how loud is this little bastard??

    To answer your question, I don't think it'd be as loud as most 40 watt solid states. Maybe if you plugged it in to a 4x12 or better cab than what I was using.
  7. ClassyGuy

    Electro Harmonix 44 magnum, how loud is this little bastard??

    I tried one for maybe 5-10 minutes a couple of months ago. Yes, it is surprisingly loud, but it isn't super loud. As I said, I didn't play around with it much and can't remember if I absolutely dimed it. It might be good in a pinch. I doubt it's as loud as you'd want for regular rehearsing.
  8. ClassyGuy

    what is lowest wattage amp you have used with a drummer?

    I'm using a 15 watt Traynor Dark Horse with matching 12' cabinet. I run it in a mode that puts out 12 watts. It's been plenty loud enough in rehearsal and was fine for a gig as well (I figure I was using the volume at about 2/3). I don't use crystal cleans, my only pedal is a wah. I think it...
  9. ClassyGuy

    Canada Sellers Thread

    Catalinbread Silverkiss Trinity American Edition. Great overdrive pedal with compression and mid-shift toggles. Mint. $150. PM me to work out shipping if necessary (I'm near Toronto).
  10. ClassyGuy

    NAD: Traynor Dark Horse

    Since I first set the bass/treble I haven't really touched them. I have bass at noon and boost the treble a bit to around 3-4 o'clock. I'm guessing it has a lot to do with what pickups you're using. The simplicity of the amp was a selling point for me. I keep pushing for a more simple setup. I...
  11. ClassyGuy

    NAD: Traynor Dark Horse

    That's a cool-looking cab, fritferret. Glad to hear there are some other Traynor fans out there. So, what tone stack setting do you other owners favour? British, USA, pure? I've really only used the British one so far. I like to play overdriven and the British does that nicely without the...
  12. ClassyGuy

    Post your classics!!

    I call it 'The Sanctuary Knocker'
  13. ClassyGuy

    Need a British style amp!!!!

    If you're down with Traynor stuff, check out the 15 Watt Dark Horse. It has a British mode on its tone-stack selector toggle thingy. It's perfectly snarly for my needs.
  14. ClassyGuy

    NAD: Traynor Dark Horse

    So the gig was last Thursday. I'd say everything went swimmingly. Two sets of 30 mins. We were well received and the sound was good. We were playing a room with maybe 50 people in it (private party). An oddly shaped space: long and narrow with us blasting down the length of the room. Maybe...
  15. ClassyGuy

    Does where an amp is made concern you ?

    I recently got a Traynor Dark Horse setup. The fact that it was built in Canada was actually a big plus for me. When I was researching/shopping for the amp, I was quite impressed by the fact that Yorkville would actually be part of forum discussions. It's not always true of course, but I felt...
  16. ClassyGuy

    NAD: Traynor Dark Horse

    Not exactly sure how to post a picture. So, here's a link, I'll see if that works! Sexy:
  17. ClassyGuy

    NAD: Traynor Dark Horse

    I’m running this with a 2008 Les Paul Classic. I upgraded the pups to a custom-ordered PAF style in the neck and T-top style in the bridge (both by High Order). All in all it’s a great little amp. Gain, treble, bass, volume. Three tone stack options you can click through with a little toggle...
  18. ClassyGuy

    Good rhythm guitar

    Check out the rhythm and lead players in the band Television (their Marquee Moon album is HIGHLY recommended). Brilliant interplay. I'll also give props to Guns and Roses for the same reason, even if I'm not a rabid fan :D
  19. ClassyGuy

    the loud amps club

    I just recently downgraded my wattage from 100 to 15, so I guess I just resigned from the club? :D Not to distract from the topic, but some people above are right right right about protecting your hearing if you like it loud. Get some quality earplugs (Etymotic Research makes some great...

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