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    Best straplocks for my 2012 R0?

    Just get the Schallers and be happy. I have them on both my R9's from when I was gigging. I've used the new "S" locks on other guitars and they are fine too. If you're going to store in the case they are right answer. Now I store on floor stands to make it easy to grab and play. Everything...
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    Gibson laying off staff ??

    I'd hear that Fender had some layoffs across the board. Just had record numbers, now they are kicking people to the curb. Hopefully that are doing it smart and just using the opportunity to thin underperformers. ;)
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    Do you think Murphy Lab aging adds anything to the playability or sound over a VOS?

    I have a New Murphy and I can tell you it's possible. :cool2: Market has slowed. There's lots of high end inventory and they don't want to be sitting on that inventory if the economy goes south... Just "watch" some Murphy labs on Reverb. You'll get offers. I used that to go direct to the...
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    Gibson laying off staff ??

    I worked and MacDac during MD11, C-17 and T45 at Long Beach. Could not get out of there fast enough... 60 to 80 hour work weeks. You had to explain to a director "why" if you worked less than 60. Then they put me on 3rd shift as an Engineer - Because it was CHEAPER to play me than the Union...
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    Gibson laying off staff ??

    Too all the guys bagging on Mark, HAVE YOU EVER MET HIM!? I met him twice at Norm's and he didn't know me from Jesus... Yet he treated me well and answered all my stupid questions about 335's. ....I just get bored with all the "Tar and Feather" crowd. I only check in here every few...
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    ft friedman 4x12 for marshall 4x12

    I've got a black EVH 4x12 to trade but that's not on your list.... Just in case... :fingersx:
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    Historic OCD?

    OCD? Maybe, gotta have the right top, good flame with some variation. Once I get them I have them set up and play them like any other guitar. They get gigged. :D That said... I am careful with them. I keep them wiped down and they go in the case at gigs if they are not around my neck...
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    2014 Les Paul R8 Iced Tea monster top $3200

    It's a used guitar, it's "WORTH" what the market will bear. :cool: No more, no less. :welcome: FWIF - Berating potential buyers has seldom been a successful sales strategy. :slash: GLWTS :D
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    Anybody here GIG a Historic?

    LIKE! :slash:
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    Trip to HOG. Met Curt. Wallet lighter. LP acquired.

    Nice weight, nice top.. PLAY IT :D
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    Anybody here GIG a Historic?

    Nice shot! I'm surprised to see this thread still alive. :thumb::slash:
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    CR8 vs CS9

    I'd buy the CR8, it it's priced right and you don't like it? It should be easy enough to flip. Life is too short to play guitars that will make you hurt. ;)
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    Contoured Heel 2016 R8's at Dave's

    Cool Idea... Not an R8, but I like it. :D Of course I have a Lifeson Axcess too, so I don't find these mods shocking. ;)
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    Wtb: '58 Lemonburst Vos

    You saw this one? Nicest I've seen...
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    PSA and Thoughts Killer color~

    I think that it worked out for the best... That one didn't blow me away from a looks perspective. I've seen "NGD" posts from you that were much nicer. ;) IMHO - there are some nicer looking ones in the Classifieds right now! :wow: UPSIDE!? You get to keep HUNTING! :applause: You'll find...
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    F/S Friedman 2 x12 Cab

    Great cab, I keep mine at home and the 4x12 at the practice space! ;) GLWTS :D
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    2007 GO Lemon at GC in CA - Just a PSA

    I"ve bought a lot of stuff from "that" GC back in the day... They fired the store manager and there have been no deals since. It has become what they wanted... they sell a bunch of MIM Strats to Mom's at Christmas and $3 sets of strings for $10. I quit even going in... That said, I will...
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    Contoured Heel 2016 R8's at Dave's

    I don't care what they call it.... I'd take the Ice Tea one at Dave's and run! :D But I've already had an Axcess and have a Lifeson, so that heel isn't shocking to me. ;)
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    Strap locks for True Historic

    Oh I wish I'd have known about this before... :wow: I've done toothpicks... Dremel'd down screw heads... Used Grolch Washers... Mojoaxe is the right answer. :slash:

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