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  1. SgtStryker0331

    Any Alarms on this 1987 Les Paul Standard in White (real? refin?)?

    Will you gurus take a close look at this guitar and let me know what you see, please? I'm the buyer. Hasn't shipped yet. I was happy because I've always wanted one of these creamy whites but then a friend told me it makes him nervous, possible refin. I paid less than list but not a lot...
  2. SgtStryker0331

    Crooked Screws in SD Slash Pickups

    Strange question, but the screws in my brand new set of pickups are off center. Is this normal? I can't find many high res pics online, but nothing I am seeing shows off center screws. I returned a set and received another, same problem. If it is a problem. I appreciate your thoughts...
  3. SgtStryker0331

    Thinking About How Rock Gods Discourage New Guitarists

    So many threads with guys apologizing for not being great or pro players. Every new guitar player needs to let go of the rock god stigma. What other pursuit makes beginners feel so unworthy? It's stupid. When we learned to drive cars did we compare ourselves to race car drivers or space...
  4. SgtStryker0331

    I Feel Like A Sucker Buying Boutique Pedals

    I'm the kind of guy who absorbs everything I can on a subject in which I'm interested, so my brain is full of pedal reviews and vids right now. Maybe I'm just sick of thinking about it. But I think I might just buy all Boss or MXR and be done with it. Is it me? Is there really hundreds of...
  5. SgtStryker0331

    My Guitar Refuses To Stop Buzzing

    I've always done my own setups, and I think a guitar player should be able to adjust his own action without running to a tech. But I can't get this guitar to stop buzzing. It's a 2011 studio 50s tribute with HB. Gold top, dark back, for those visual types who just want to know. I have it...
  6. SgtStryker0331

    Pianists Think You Are All Sluts

    By insinuation, that is. My girlfriend is a classically trained piano player, and when she looks at me drooling over a forum full of pictures of guitars, or listens to me talk about how it's cool to have several variations of a single model which probably all look alike to her (e.g., a Les...
  7. SgtStryker0331

    How are the tributes aging?

    I love the "working man's" or "recession guitar" sweet spot that is the tribute series of Gibson Les Pauls. Some people don't, however. They say the satin finish is cheap trash that flakes and chips too early. To this some respond that it adds fast and easy mojo. I'm wondering how your...
  8. SgtStryker0331

    Here's Why I Don't Like Blues (And Need Help)

    I grew up on blues influenced rock guitar players, and I know the history of it all reasonably well, so I'm trying to encourage my own appreciation. However, when I try and consult the original blues guitarists, I find their recordings are nearly nonexistent guitars. Instead I get a harmonica...
  9. SgtStryker0331

    NGD First Real Gibson (lots of blathering and a couple Qs)

    I've been playing a Korean 2000 Epi LP Standard for the last couple years since I picked up playing again after about ten years off (war distracted me, and when I came home I just didn't open that guitar case for a decade almost...shame). The Epi is nice, a gem among Epis I like to think. (I...
  10. SgtStryker0331

    Slazz Octave Fuzz Trim Pot Question (Interior Adjustments--Anyone Have Pics of Guts?)

    I bought this pedal used and am wondering if anyone knows the factory default settings on the interior octave up trim pots? Mine are horizontal, meaning that the slot for a screwdriver is horizontal, but the manual shows them at 45 degrees. I can't find a damn screwdriver that will fit so I...
  11. SgtStryker0331

    NAD: Blackheart Killer Ant (with noobish questions please)

    It's a pretty little thing. Strangely, I don't have a speaker cab so I've been playing it through my solid state Marshall G80RCD (old and discontinued) CD input. Is this bad? (I read somewhere where River explained "attenuating" this way...hope I got it right.) Also, seemingly unrelated...
  12. SgtStryker0331

    HCSB Fade Question

    Will an Epi in heritage cherry sunburst fade in sunlight like a Gibson? Mine is too red for my taste even after 10 years. Maybe I should have stored it on the window sill all that time? Thank you.
  13. SgtStryker0331

    Learning Scales Question Please

    When I learn scales I memorize the pattern, which let's say C Major goes CDEFGABC. In the book I have, there are three positions, beginning with C on the 6th string, 4th string, and 3rd string. Always beginning on C. (As I understand, if I move this pattern up a tone, it's a D Major scale. I...

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