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  1. RLee

    Anyone tried this trem tailpiece?

    I thought this was interesting, didn't know something like this was available... the advantage is that you don't need to do any mods to your les paul to put it on, and you can swap it out to go back to your normal tailpiece whenever you want. (At least that's what it looks like to me, I could...
  2. RLee

    JBLP with cream hardware

    I did a bit of customizing to my JBLP, even though I think it rocks as stock. Here are some before/after pics, see what you think. I replaced the black hardware with cream (real cream, not the gibson pink/cream, except the switchplate is still the gibson tint, soon to be replaced), and also...
  3. RLee

    $130 for CLONE bridge rings? Really?!?

    I find this hard to comprehend... do people actually buy these? Keep in mind these are CLONES, not genuine parts, and not even made by melting down '59 plastic parts. These have to be less than a dollar to produce. :shock: Vintage Clone Pickup Rings Light Cream |
  4. RLee

    New Trad Pro models, P90's?

    At GC today, I saw two new traditional pro models I'd never heard of... a very cool looking all-ebony guitar with P90's, and a gold top... must be GC exclusives. The ebony really caught my eye, it's beautiful... and they are both described as "non-chambered".
  5. RLee

    DNA anti-counterfeiting

    This was interesting, Martin's adding DNA proof-of-authenticity to their guitars... but it seems like the only one who can verify it is the manufacturer, not the end-user... Martin Guitars to use DNA technology to fight counterfeiting | Latest
  6. RLee

    Haynes, Bonamassa, Travers...

    Saw this today, had to share, sorry if some have already seen it... Warren Haynes' slide solo is tonal nirvana. Joe has some issues finding a guitar that works, it seems (ends up with a P90's goldtop). Fun video. Haynes - JB - Travers
  7. RLee

    Pete Townshend 50th Anniv. SG

    Top-wrapped stoptail, P90's, white body, and a cool looking case... Gibson 50th Anniversary Pete Townshend SG
  8. RLee

    Pickup Pole Screws

    I've been spending some quality time lately with the pickup height and pole screw heights on my LP, experimenting with different setups to dial in the best tones... and was wondering how many of you actually adjust the individual pole screws on your pickups, or just set them all flush to the...
  9. RLee

    JP's website

    Don't know if this has already been posted, but check this out... there were rumors that jimmy page was going to start a cool new website with who knows what on it, but just recently it appears that he's really doing it. There's a mysterious website up now at - The Official...
  10. RLee

    Neutrik jack replaced with cream jack plate

    I've finally rid myself of the irritating neutrik locking jack for good. Earlier, I had pulled the neutrik jack and modified it to remove the locking part; this worked ok, but now it was too easy to insert/remove the plug, and it started to give me a bit of that scratchy noise. So I put aside...
  11. RLee

    bonamassa studio pickup rings

    I was noticing the (very) tall pickup rings on my new Bonamassa LP studio goldtop, and after checking the gibson site it looks like they used the historic-sized rings (1/2" tall bridge ring) instead of the modern-sized (3/8" tall bridge ring). It sort of looks REALLY tall, when I compare the...
  12. RLee

    Replacing locking neutrik

    What is everyone using to replace the locking neutrik jack in modern LP's? I want to put a std switchcraft jack there, but the mounting plate and body cutout for the plate is not the standard size. I've heard people saying they've replaced them, but wondered if there was an easy drop in plate...
  13. RLee

    Audio taper volume pots

    I just finished rewiring my LP std with CTS 500k pots, 50's wiring, PIO caps... I'm happy with the results (will have some clips at some point), but if I had it to do over again, I would have gone with linear pots for the volumes. I'm not sure why others prefer audio taper for volumes -- I see...
  14. RLee

    Interesting article on Joe B's gear

    Many have probably already seen this, but I found it interesting... I was looking to see what pickups Joe Bonamassa actually used on stage in his main LP (I just got a Joe B les paul with BB2 / BB3 pickups, and really loved the tones, and was curious if he actually used those pickups), and found...
  15. RLee

    Ngd jb lps

    Joining the ranks of the recent Bonamassa Les Paul Studio owners, here's mine, just unboxed and carried to the backyard for pics. Fit and finish is really impressive, gibson did a great job on this one. Weight is just right at 9.1 lbs. I spent just a little time playing so far, and I am...
  16. RLee

    Finally, no more pita locking neutrik

    Since I was tinkering with my LP Std anyway, I decided to do something about the pain-in-the-ass locking neutrik jack. On my way home from work, I stopped off and got a cream plastic jack plate, although when I looked at it I kinda knew it wasn't going to fit in place of the neutrik plate. But...
  17. RLee

    gibson pcb pots

    Just did some measurements of the pots on my 2008 LP Std, which are bourns pots mounted on the gibson pc board. Just some points of reference for anyone interested: The volume pots are 300k LINEAR parts. NOT audio taper. The tone pots are 500k (mine measured 541k) audio taper parts. And...
  18. RLee

    More new gibson models

    Gibson tweet from earlier today, second new les paul model announced: the baritone les paul...
  19. RLee

    new gibson models

    I know this is certainly old news by now, but I just noticed this tweet on my phone, from gibson (retweeted by bonamassa): Also saw this one, that I hadn't noticed before, that looks sweet...
  20. RLee


    Found out yesterday that I had won the sheptone weekly contest, and I now get to pick out a set of free sheptone pickups! Now I just have to decide between the Tributes and AB Customs... hard choice. Anyone have experience with both of these?

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