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  1. HurricaneJesus

    PRS McCarty on reverb/Craigslist/ebay

    Hi folks, I just bought a sweet SG Jr but that means I have to at least try to sell one. Pretty nice 2002 PRS McCarty listed at $1450 or best offer. Hit me up if you’re interested. I could be talked into some trade plus cash scenarios...
  2. HurricaneJesus

    1962-63 Kay Swingmaster semi-hollow

    From what I can tell this is a 1962-63 Kay Swingmaster hollow-body guitar. It's actually in great condition for a 50+ year-old guitar! There's some light checking on the back of the headstock and a few dents and dings. I am not the original owner but the guitar appears all-original...
  3. HurricaneJesus

    FS 2005 Gibson Historic R8

    This has been my main gigging guitar for about a year-and-a-half until I realized the huge neck was actually hurting my hand. Since it was gigged at least twice weekly and I never planned on selling it it's got some dings, buckle rash, and some finish hazing where my elbow would rest. The...
  4. HurricaneJesus

    2005 Gibson Flying V '67 reissue

    $720 shipped/paypalled in the lower 48: Gloss '67. Bought new in '05. The fretboard is rosewood to the best of my knowledge. The neck profile is a 60's slim taper. Probably weighs around 7 pounds. Currently set up with 10's and medium-high action. Seymour Duncan Alnico Pro II pickups. Schaller...
  5. HurricaneJesus

    Let's see some Black Beauties!

    I think I'm suffering from sunburst fatigue. Let's see those Black Beauties immediately! I've been jonesing for a R4BB, myself.
  6. HurricaneJesus

    Duane's '59

    What happened to this guitar? According to Duane Allman's 1957 Goldtop Les Paul he took the pickups out of the goldtop and slapped them into the '59 when he traded the goldtop for it. Is this the guitar that wound up being the Perry burst? Personally, I feel like they should track that guitar...
  7. HurricaneJesus

    Who invented the Jimmy Page wiring setup?

    It's my understanding Jimmy didn't have the coil taps/series parallel wiring in his LP's until after Zep or at least very late in Zep's history. Was someone else doing this in their LP's in the 60's or 70's?
  8. HurricaneJesus

    FS: AM Beano and Boss DD-3

    Analogman Beano Boost: bought new by me in 2006 and barely used. 9v power jack. No velcro. Comes with box and everything that came in the box. $145 shipped/paypalled Boss DD-3: I can't remember if I bought this new or what. Either way, I gigged with it a few times but it's still pretty...
  9. HurricaneJesus

    LP in Mayer inCase Slim Bag

    It says on inCase's website their slimbag is compatible with a Les Paul but when I put mine into the slimbag that came with a Mayer strat it's pretty much resting on the headstock. Are the bags that came with the Mayer different or is this what they consider safe Les Paul transport?
  10. HurricaneJesus

    WTB: Fender Princeton blackface non-reverb 5-knob

    Hey so I was watching one on eBay and for some reason my phone shit out just as I was bidding. With that in mind, sell me yours. I want one fairly clean, with the 10-inch baffle, serviced, quality isn't that important but definitely not blown-out. looking to spend $800-850
  11. HurricaneJesus

    Jeff Beck/Derek Trucks/BB at the White House

    On PBS right now!
  12. HurricaneJesus

    FS: D*A*M Sola Sound Tonebender

    Mint condition with box and paperwork from Macaris. This pedal will break your foot if you were to drop it from waist level. Perfect for workman's comp claims! $700 shipped/paypalled
  13. HurricaneJesus

    FS: Gibson GOTW '67 SG Special Reissue

    From the 2008 Guitar of the Week (or was it month?) series 400 made, I dunno why they call it an SG special reissue since it has a tune-o-matic, neck binding, and tulip tuners but what the hell. I've played R8s with smaller necks, by the way. This guitar has some buckle rash and a few dings...
  14. HurricaneJesus

    Tips for getting a good deal on a new R*

    Any tips? I'm assuming you email a dealer and they'll toss you a number below MAP. Is that it? Also what if you're like me and GC is the only place to 'try before you buy'? Do you ask for the manager and try and pull an automotive-type situation? I'm sure the best way would be to hold a...
  15. HurricaneJesus

    FS: vintage Boss GE-10

    Boss GE-10: This one is for the EVH completists in the audience. Works fine, no scratchiness in the sliders. Includes manual. $225 paypalled/shipped. Always willing to entertain trades especially of the script logo MXR variety!
  16. HurricaneJesus

    New guy from FL

    Hey guys, Met up with the Martin Six String Customs dudes this past weekend and they told me this was a cool place. Here's my '95 LP Standard I've got loaded with Alnico Pro II's. It was my first nice guitar and pretty much my only guitar for a good while.

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