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  1. Tollie

    NGD Coming Soon! 2011 Les Paul Traditional HCS

    Great plan. Congrats on the guitar!
  2. Tollie

    NGD 2021 Les Paul Tribute and a surprise

    What a great gift. Happy Birthday!
  3. Tollie

    NGD!! 1997 Explorer

    Money well spent. Mojo at a great price. Congrats!
  4. Tollie

    Discount amount for a broken head stock on historic?

    I suspect that the people who swear by them are just trying to reassure themselves that they made a good decision.
  5. Tollie

    speaker break in services

    Practice three hours per day and you will break them in soon enough.
  6. Tollie

    Next Gibson LP after 20 +yrs .

    I had a large collection of guitars until one day I decided that I would like “fewer but nicer”. You could turn that pile of Epiphones into several Gibson Les Pauls. I voted for the 50s because I like the fatter neck. It just feels very comfortable, like your hand is more open.
  7. Tollie

    LP Case Storage

    I do the very same thing. My guitars are like art that I can play. I do like to see the collection up on the wall in full glory. In the summer I run the air conditioning (as needed) and in the winter I run a humidifier (around the clock).
  8. Tollie

    [NGD] Gibson Les Paul standard Gold top 2022 + plastics upgrade and soon double creams

    Excellent choice. The darker the fretboard the better. Congrats!
  9. Tollie

    Is it me, or does this look dopey?

    I also have the itch for a Flying V but I agree with you. Not this version.
  10. Tollie

    AnalogMan King Of Tone

    I waited for mine for a little over two years but it was worth the wait. I got a custom color: blue.
  11. Tollie

    FS 1999 Gibson Les Paul Standard DC Double Cut Premium AAA Top - $1499

    I had one of these and it is a killer guitar. Good luck.
  12. Tollie

    Who says Bass players don't matter?

    Someone who plays a four string guitar.
  13. Tollie

    I've gone flatwounds

    Thank you very much!
  14. Tollie

    I've gone flatwounds

    What brand makes these?
  15. Tollie

    Just traded my “57” Reissue Jr. for a Gibson Custom 1960 Les Paul Special Double Cut Reissue VOS - TV Yellow

    That was a fantastic trade. I love the color of your double cut. Congrats!
  16. Tollie

    SG with a Floyd Rose?

    My ‘76 SG Custom has a Kahler with a palm bar and also a full length bar. The fine tuners are really good.
  17. Tollie

    SG with a Floyd Rose?

    I just saw Tesla and they were absolutely amazing. The original guitar player has an SG with a Floyd and he knows how to use it. The Floyd feels very heavy and stiff to me. I play PRS guitars when I need a tremolo. Their tremolos feel way more light than a Floyd Rose. A PRS feels like a Gibson...
  18. Tollie

    NGD - R7 in Antique Metallic Teal VOS with pinstripes

    The light weight of this guitar has made it my number one. The pickups sound amazing, too. The funny thing about Les Pauls is that I usually leave them stock. I am normally changing things on other model guitars to make them right for me, but Les Pauls are fine just the way they are. I played...
  19. Tollie

    '99 Classic degraded value - mini switches, sanded neck, pickup swap

    Pass. There are many fish in the sea.
  20. Tollie

    New Gibson LP with missing documents

    I sold a bunch of Music Man exclusive models and they should come with certificates of authenticity but none of mine had them and none of the buyers even asked for them. If you’re into Music Man you know that they should have them. I recently found a pile of them in the “safe place” where I put...

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