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  1. StuartMac

    2010 Gibson Les Paul R8 - UK Seller

    Personal circumstances forcing the sale of a few pieces. This is a really beautiful R8 in Lemonburst, in excellent condition with just a little worming to the back (nothing through to the wood). All original, except I changed the bridge pickup ring to offer more clearance to the strings - the...
  2. StuartMac

    WTB: R5 Les Paul

    Ideally a gold top with P90s and a wrap tail, but let's see what's out there. Cash, or I have a lovely Lemon Burst R8 for trade
  3. StuartMac

    Feeler: 65 Amps Soho HP Head - Massive Saving!

    In UK, will ship anywhere. As new 65 Amps Soho High Powered head. Switchable from 35 watts to 18 watts (I tend to prefer 18 watts). Unbelievable tone, huge versatility - the best EF86 / EL84 sounds imaginable, right through to Black Face cleans. New it retails at £2899, street price £2699...
  4. StuartMac

    Anyone In Central Scotland Have A Spare 335 or Acoustic Box?

    I've sold a Gretsch G6120 and need to get it sent very soon, but I don't have a suitable box! Turns out none of the Glasgow guitar shops have any spares either. A 335, Acoustic or Archtop box of any sort will do. I can even swap it for a Les Paul box if that's any use?!
  5. StuartMac

    PRS SC245 2007 - Birds, Lovely Top, Almost Mint! (UK/ Worldwide)

    I've only had this a matter of weeks, and it is an absolutely sublime guitar. It plays like a dream, sounds big and rich, hangs perfectly on a strap and is a lovely weight. It's a beautiful Violin Amber Wrap, with a top that looks like a 10 to me, but for some reason hasn't been designated one...
  6. StuartMac

    Felt Strap Button Washers on Nitro Finishes?

    Any issues? I'm a bit paranoid about finish discolouration!
  7. StuartMac

    Replace 57 Classics with Bare Knuckle Stormy Mondays in a 335?

    I have a 63 Historic 335 Reissue, which is my main guitar. I'm wondering whether I'll get just a bit more out the guitar with a pickup swap, and Stormy Mondays intrigue me. Don't get me wrong, the guitar sounds great, and I have no complaints (other than a very slight ice-pickiness on the...
  8. StuartMac

    Gretsch G6120TM (UK - will ship)

    An absolutely lovely example of one of Gretsches best modern guitars. Built in 2007 in the Terrada factory, these are far, far better guitars than the pre-2003 reissues (which had thicker, less resonant tops and inaccurate body shapes). It sounds amazing, exactly as a 6120 with Filtertrons...
  9. StuartMac

    Different Versions of R0s?

    I've seen these advertised as versions 1, 2 and 3 - what are the differences?
  10. StuartMac

    '60 Les Paul Special - Single or Double Cut?

    I'm looking at the '60 Historic reissues (slimmer necks than 50s reissues?) and am torn between the two. Is the pickup spacing totally different from the SC to the DC? Does one sound notably better than the other?
  11. StuartMac

    Historic P90 Goodness - Les Paul Special, SG VOS, or R4 R5 R6?

    I have some shows coming up where I should really be using a Tele - I have a Nocaster which is great, but much prefer the feel of Gibsons live. My main guitar is a 63 Historic 335, and I want to get something loaded with P90s for raw, fat tele-ish tones. Amps are a Fender Bass Breaker and a...
  12. StuartMac

    WTB Gibson Historic SG (VOS or Gloss)

    Just missed out on one on ebay last month because I forgot to bid! It sold at £1250 fitted with Bare Knuckle Stormy Mondays - still kicking myself. Save my shins please.
  13. StuartMac

    PRS McCarty - Very Rare Finish (1999) UK FS/FT

    I got this guitar direct from the distributors right at the start of the Millenium, and it was made in November 99. Despite many Google searches, I have literally never seen another maple-topped McCarty in this finish (Ocean Turquoise), and nobody I've spoken to "in the know" has either...

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