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  1. Jinmary

    2001 Gibson Custom Shop 59 Reissue Les Paul

    $6500 plus Paypal,shipping - Looking to move to pay for some recent acquisitions - Best Price 8.4 lbs Breathtaking....Monster Flame top! This was a special promotion guitar for the Marlboro company. Very nice looks, sound and playability. Currently installed with upgraded Creamtone wiring...
  2. Jinmary

    52 - 59 Les Paul Conversion for Sale....1 piece top!!!!!

    52-59 conversion done by Brian Monty Neck was re-carved completely, it’s a true ‘59 profile.. Used the original logo and moved it up so it’s true ‘59 spec. The Brazilian board is 100% original Original top, no seam lines but one full piece of killer flame. Original ‘59 PAF’s, covers were off...
  3. Jinmary

    Bartlett Retrospec - "Big Bang Burst" - SOLD

    2016 Bartlett Retrospec with Sigil Vintage Wire PAF. Stunning with tone to spare. BartlettRetrospec_112318_2 by Jinmary posted Nov 25, 2018 at 8:08 AM BartlettRetrospec_112318_1 by Jinmary posted Nov 25, 2018 at 8:08 AMBartlettRetrospec_112318_1 by Jinmary posted Nov 25, 2018 at 8:08 AM...
  4. Jinmary

    Roman Rist 1959 Singlecut - $5999

    -200 year old growth mahogany (sourced from a old sawmill that had been closed since the 60's) . The neck and body came from the same piece of old growth mahogany . - OX4 Slash Pickups 00100lPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20181124095214088_COVER by Jinmary posted Nov 25, 2018 at 8:01 AM...
  5. Jinmary

    SOLD - Tom Bartlett 1958 Explorer

    Price: $6999 If you are familiar with Tom's work, you know he makes a beautiful guitar. This is no exception and is rare "in the wild". Highly resonant, Korina wood spec'd to 1958 plans. Tone for days?? CHECK!!! Complete with Sigil Vintage Wire PAFs (Hybrid 1958/1959)
  6. Jinmary

    Old Growth Guitar SALE - Vaschenko, Bartlett, MAX

    Making room ($ and actual room!!) for a vintage purchase so cleaning house!!! All are very fair prices but bring your best offers......always open to a reasonable deal (no trades please). Gibson Custom Shop Slash "First Burst" VOS- $5150 1958 Bartlett Explorer w/Sigil NOS Vintage Wire Hybrid...
  7. Jinmary

    Delete - Included in new listing

    Price: $ Ordered this stunning, resonant beauty from Lance Keltner in December 2017 and received in June 2018. As such this has very little play time and is essentially brand new!!! Pics can be found here Details: Guitar Body 2 piece white limba (Korina) Base Modelm Guitar top None - solid...
  8. Jinmary

    Gibson Custom Shop Collector's Choice #9 "The Believer Burst" 1959 Les Paul Vic DaPra

    Guitar is in Mint condition and looks + sounds fantastic. $7500 - PayPal & Shipping Responsibility of Buyer Note: Due to CITES I will only ship within the United States
  9. Jinmary

    FS: Tim White "Timbuckers"

    No longer in production and highly sought after "Timbuckers"!! Tim White only hand wound his magical PAFs for a couple of years, had a two year waiting list and then stopped. This is a hotter wind, so for those about to rock.......... Check out at my gbase store "Mr. Hyde's Guitars"
  10. Jinmary

    FS: Yaron '59 Singlecut Dark Cherryburst ($10,250)!!!

    HOLIDAY SALE!!!!! Price: $10,250 Check out pictures on my gbase store "Mr. Hyde's Guitars" This guitar was originally created for Gil's own personal use and is the nicest Yaron LP I have played to date (and they are ALL amazing) All available options including: Figured Eastern Maple Top Old...
  11. Jinmary

    FS - Gibson Collector's Choice #35 Vic DaPra 1959 Les Paul True Historic "Gruhn Burst

    $8499 Shipped + PayPal; Willing to entertain serious offers This guitar is AWESOME!!! Ranks within top 2 of most comfortable necks I have ever played. If it were a member of the Fantastic 4 it would go by the name of "The Human Torch, Johnny Flame" further explanation needed. (just take...

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