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  1. J-Man123


    Friggin' beautiful! ....oh yeah, the guitars are nice, too
  2. J-Man123

    Pass It On

    Turn the sink off when your brushing your pearly whites to save billions of gallons of water a year.
  3. J-Man123

    eBay / Craigslist

    Friggin' beautiful!
  4. J-Man123

    eBay / Craigslist

    What's the most awsome thing you've ever bought on the bay / craigslist? (Can be music related or not) :photos: J-Man123:slash:
  5. J-Man123


    Thanks y'all I'll try to keep myself outta trouble :cool:
  6. J-Man123


    Damn....where is he?
  7. J-Man123


    Damn, I miss the mayhem....I'm back now, though, so lock up your houses and warn the others.
  8. J-Man123


    Geez, haven't been on here in awhile.... So, what's new? :cool: J-Man123:slash:
  9. J-Man123

    Do YOU feel butthurt?

    :rolleyes: Somebodys immature...
  10. J-Man123

    Do you want a spanish forum on MLP? Foro en Espanol?

    I would like that. U speak spanish, Alex?
  11. J-Man123

    How many guitars do you have?

    45 :shock:
  12. J-Man123

    Hap Burpday to...

    Thanks guy! :dude: Better then last years to say the least....:laugh2: Thanks for forgetting my birthday!!! P.S.
  13. J-Man123

    How many guitars do you have?

    +1 Damn Right! :dude:
  14. J-Man123

    World's Largest Tumor Removed...

    I'm disgusted and intrigued at the same time :shock:
  15. J-Man123

    Someone broke into my grandparents last night

    Gramps Rule! :applause:
  16. J-Man123

    Feeler: Warmoth/Tokai LP w/ PRS p/u's

    If you paint the headstock I think it'll make it more appealing. Maybe the same finish as the body.
  17. J-Man123

    Man's Best Friend (R.I.P)..

    That brought back bad memories. I nearly cried :(
  18. J-Man123

    Advice for ugly guys

    Love the tags! :lol:
  19. J-Man123

    How many guitars do you have?

  20. J-Man123

    How many guitars do you have?

    Woops! I meant the SG!:Ohno:

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