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  1. Tuxedo Kaz

    FS: Peavey 6505+ 120w tube amplifier head - $700 shipped!

    Peavey 6505+ Head - $700 shipped in the contiguous 48 U.S. states. Had it for about 6 months, purchased new. Still with stock tubes but not a whole lot of use since earlier this season my basement flooded. The amp was undamaged (it wasn't near the water). The footswitch, however, was...
  2. Tuxedo Kaz

    FS: Ernie Ball Music Man Ball Family Reserve JPX DEAD MINT

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: 2010 Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci 10th Anniversary model JPX in barolo finish. Purchased this guitar new about 45 days ago, but as it's out of return period, couldn't take it back. The guitar is absolutely mint with no play-wear on the body or...
  3. Tuxedo Kaz

    Well today sucks--Jamspace flooded, gear ruined.

    Woke up today to a basement full of water, where my jampsace and rig are. Couch, cab, pedals...a computer I had in storage, all either under water or in water. Still don't know if my amp head survived being connected to things that are underwater (footswitch, pedals, etc). By the time we...
  4. Tuxedo Kaz

    Belated NGD: Ernie Ball Music Man BFR content (and clips!)

    I got this in a very good trade with a store I used to work at a few weeks ago, but since I haven't been on here as of late, I'm sort of behind in posting it. :) It's a 2010 Ernie Ball Music Man 'Ball Family Reserve' John Petrucci 10th Anniversary model, the JPX in the unique 'barolo' purple...
  5. Tuxedo Kaz

    Friend brought over a Mark V (video content)

    Don't be expectin' no fancy whizaroo chops, or whizbang riffage. Just some solid toanz. YouTube - Mark V test with ESP Navigator LP
  6. Tuxedo Kaz

    1960 Burst on the bay, apparently.

    VINTAGE 1960 GIBSON LES PAUL STANDARD BURST OHSC TAGS - eBay (item 180589615433 end time Dec-18-10 18:08:03 PST) Too bad the pics aren't larger. Kinda hard to tell anything with pics that size.
  7. Tuxedo Kaz

    Alex Skolnick speaks about the Firebird-X unveiling and Gibson

    Dunno if this has been posted here, but I thought it relevant, as I have a lot of respect for Alex Skolnick, and he was actually there... Alex Skolnick: The Great Gibson
  8. Tuxedo Kaz

    New Ballsy Amp Day. Peavey Content!

    After spending a solid amount of time without a real amp, I liquidated a guitar and got into the halfstack game again. I wasn't initially very excited about the cab I got, I figured it was a 'for now it'll do' deal, but I'm actually very pleased. The head is something I've wanted for a while...
  9. Tuxedo Kaz

    Unicru, anyone?

    I had to take yet another, seemingly unavoidable Unicru 'personality assessment' today for an employment app at a Big Box retailer. I'm reasonably sure I scored badly. :D But it got me to thinking, and this article on the WSJ summarizes my thoughts well: Test for Dwindling Retail Jobs...
  10. Tuxedo Kaz

    Frank Montag Custom LP creator - Version 2!

    SC Guitar Editor There's a thread for the older version somewhere...And this one is far better. Some of my own worldly desires...Banal but want nonetheless.. My vintage-style LP collection will be someday like this... plus my white Navi... 57 Custom style/neck '59 P90 relic'd...
  11. Tuxedo Kaz

    Cool gear + camera = fun time!

    I mentioned on Saturday that one of my best friends in this area finally got himself a Mesa Mark V. So he came to spend the day over at my basement so we could figure out what this fucker was made of. He also brought his PRS Custom 24, and I had my Navi and SV on hand. I decided to take some...
  12. Tuxedo Kaz

    FS: Firesale! ESP SV Std, Navigator LPC, etc!

    Well, I'd been hoping this time wouldn't come, and I've come to the realization that, right now, owning what I have isn't in my best interests. I need to take other directions and also keep the lights on, and after 4 months without work, I've gotta give it up. It kills me to do this but what's...
  13. Tuxedo Kaz

    I think I've found myself a career to aim for.

    Photography. My father was big into photography, and though he was a contractor by trade, so I grew up around cameras. I played around with my first SLR around 8 or 9 years of age, back before digital. It was fun. I've always been into graphic design and art since before I started playing...
  14. Tuxedo Kaz

    Bad Jokes!

    Anyone who knows me well will tell you I love a bad joke. Not a joke in poor taste but just bad/lame jokes. :) I think it's in my blood. Japanese folk love bad puns too, which is another favorite. Share with the board some of your worst stinkers! :D I just hit my fiancee with this one...
  15. Tuxedo Kaz

    Spain x Germany

    It's gonna happen. :) I'm impressed the Spanish got past the strong Paraguayan defense, in the nick of time too. :D I'm hoping Germany will advance to the final. :)
  16. Tuxedo Kaz

    6 year old girl put on DHS No Fly list.

    Ohio 6-Year-OId Alyssa Thomas Turns Up on Terror Watch List someone sent me that just now. Search turned up corroborating reports. Seriously, WTF.
  17. Tuxedo Kaz

    Who loves debauchery? I do!

    So, we've got... Rock and Roll, check Beer thread, check, cigar thread, check, Whisky thread, check... I think we're all set up for a crazy time here on MLP. So, who's place is this shindig gonna be at? :laugh2::cool::dude:
  18. Tuxedo Kaz

    What Beers are you drinking lately?

    I figure along with the Whisk(e)y thread, this should be a popular discussion topic. I don't really care for the run of the mill Bud, Coors, Miller, etc. For me, it's gotta be a nice, robust, strong beer, or else! Some of what I've been digging lately:
  19. Tuxedo Kaz

    FS: Recording gear! (Presonus, Shure)

    Got to let some stuff go as I'm not doing any recording anymore. PreSonus FireBox recording interface/preamp - $150 Comes with cables, box, drivers. I'm keeping the recording software, as I still kind of need it for some things. There's better software out there anyways. Excellent...
  20. Tuxedo Kaz

    Do you enjoy a nice whisky?

    Call it whisky, call it whiskey; call it Bourbon or even just Scotch. Who here enjoys a bit of it when kicking back just a notch?

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