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  1. EEF13

    Les Paul Special P90 vs. SG Classic vs. LP Studio Tribute 50's

    I am a Les Paul guy but I have always loved the SG Classic
  2. EEF13

    this is why YOU'RE not in Bon Jovi

    Great guitarist and cool guy but he makes some of the most mediocre music. Its terrible. You would think he could write a decent song. The Drills is a **** band that he is wasting his time and talent on.
  3. EEF13

    Moving Away To Pursue Music

    Well I dont consider it hobby and I do play often and record here but it doesnt make me much money. I think the same way. there are too many bands and musicans that stand out way more than me so how the **** am i supposed to get anywhere.
  4. EEF13

    Moving Away To Pursue Music

    Thats what i thought too. i am an american living in Panama. I know how it is in the States but they keep on insisting I try to go to see what I can do. I feel like its gonna be the same ****, different country
  5. EEF13

    Moving Away To Pursue Music

    Hi guys hows it going? Where I am from the music scene is dead. There are many great bands but in my country nobody really respects music. Not to brag but a lot of people say I should leave and go to the States to see what i could do music wise. Now I don't read or write music. I am a good...
  6. EEF13

    Johnny Hiland Rig Rundown

    I always like Johnny Hilland. Just a nice guy.
  7. EEF13

    Playing with new band but may quit.

    When I play with anyone or any band I play the way I want to play with the gear I want to use. If you dont like it then **** off and replace me if you dont like it. Let them fire you. it will be a fun process. I just got fired from a band because I did what I wanted and I still dont care.
  8. EEF13

    Playing with new band but may quit.

    Used them for exposure so your other band can benefit
  9. EEF13

    Is MLP going to change formats too?

    I have been on here for years. The layout his comforting to me after being so used to it. I would hate it if it changed.
  10. EEF13

    GUITARFORCE Comeback

    I am actually using my flying V to record our EP and I still have the GuitarForce LOTB and Superstar combo
  11. EEF13

    I Final Got My Dream Rig Then Life Got In The Way

    Sending good vibes man
  12. EEF13

    Here's where society is headed...and it's not pretty.

    People like that need to get beat up randomly.
  13. EEF13

    and she didn't even use lube! Divorce thread!

    Sometimes I wish I was born gay so I would not have to deal with women.
  14. EEF13

    RIP Grizzly Adams

  15. EEF13

    At last,chilhood dream came true recently -Photos and Soundtest

    Cool dad and cool guitar
  16. EEF13

    New Girlfriend Driving Me NUTZ!

    I would start digging a hole
  17. EEF13

    Trans Siberian Orchestra concert update

    Savatage was a great band
  18. EEF13

    Pics Of Modern Beat Up Les Pauls

    I am always seeing vintage/Norlin beat up LP's or reliced guitars but I don't often see modern(ish) beat up Les Pauls.

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