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  1. 74Evan

    Will push pull pots fit?

    I have a 2002 Gibson SG Supreme and am changing out the pickups and doing a custom wiring. I wanted to have four push pull pots (like the Jimmy Page wiring). I was going to order them from RS GuitarWorks (CTS pots), but wanted to know if push pull pots will even fit in an SG since the body is so...
  2. 74Evan

    Bill Lawrence (Wilde) L500's

    I have a set of L500's in my Les Paul that are the USA version (XL in bridge, R in the neck) and absolutely love them. I have them wired up to 500K pots. For my new guitar (Gibson SG Supreme), I will be ordering another set of L500's but this time from Wilde pickups aka Bill and Becky. What is...
  3. 74Evan

    SG Supreme refret questions

    I have an SG Supreme that I want to get refretted. I want the absolute tallest fret wire possible for bending and doing vibrato as I like wide vibrato. I'm going to refret with either Jescar 58118 (.58 high by .118 wide) stainless steel or Jescar 57110 (.57 high by .110 wide) stainless steel. On...
  4. 74Evan

    Looking at a SG Supreme

    Originally I was going to get a 61' reissue but someone I know is selling their early 2000's SG Supreme in midnight blue. I have a few questions about this model. Being that the guitar has a maple cap, how does this affect the tone of the guitar? Does it make it sound a bit closer to a Les...
  5. 74Evan

    Les Paul 25/50 value?

    I'm looking to buy a 25/50 Les Paul. However, the pricing for these guitars are all over the place ranging from $3,000 to almost $6,000. What are these guitars really worth? I understand they're a special anniversary model with unique features but $4,500 or more seems like a lot for these...
  6. 74Evan

    Custom Build Luthiers Wanted

    I'm looking to have a custom LP style guitar built. Looking for reputable luthiers with experience building this style of guitar. I can PM the spec sheet if anyone on here is interested. Thank you.
  7. 74Evan

    Les Paul Custom Replica Build Help

    I posted in this forum sometime in November, asking about having a custom built guitar, and have had a very hard time finding a reputable luthier who specializes in Les Pauls willing to build me an LP replica. I've already reached out to Chris at Retro Guitars, and Steve Hague (who regularly...
  8. 74Evan

    Custom Les Paul Build Help

    I'm very interested in having a custom built Les Paul as the features I want in a Gibson are not in production anymore. I've been looking at Norlin Les Paul Customs as they have some of the features I want and can be had for $2,200 - $3,000 depending on condition. About how much would a replica...
  9. 74Evan

    Celestion G12-75 + Jmp 2203 Help

    My rig consists of a 1980 JMP 2203 and Marshall 1960B cab. Guitar is a 1974 Gibson Les Paul loaded with Bill Lawrence L500 pickups. I've come to notice that when I play with the amp cranked (master volume 9, pre-amp volume 8) it sounds amazing but when the master volume is under 4 it sounds very...
  10. 74Evan

    Strings Lighter Than 8 Gauge?

    I'm currently using Ernie Ball RPS 8 gauge strings and I'm very pleased with them, however, I would like to have a set even lighter. My technique involves very heavy vibrato and bending(bending and doing vibrato on chords even) and although I can play the way I want with the 8 gauge strings, my...
  11. 74Evan

    Bad Repair? Someone help me out

    I'm interested in buying this vehicle (2011 Jaguar XF). I went to go check out the car today in person and everything looked good except for this. I noticed this odd bubbling and chipping in the driver's side front quarter panel. The car is super clean. One owner, lived in Florida. So there is...
  12. 74Evan

    Tony Iommi Heaven and Hell Guitar Tone?

    I really love the guitar tone off of Heaven and Hell. Tony Iommi's guitar tone here is very different from anything else he's done over the years. It sounds like it has a ton of midrange and it's not as dark as his usual tone. I know he uses Laney almost exclusively but I've read he used a...
  13. 74Evan

    Vintage Grover Rotomatics Slipping

    I have an old pair of Grover 'Kidney Bean' style rotomatics from the 70's and the buttons have a little bit of play in them. When I go to turn the tuner button, the button itself turns a little bit before the shaft starts to turn. I've tried tightening them but that does not solve the problem...
  14. 74Evan

    Majik Box Rocket Fuel vs. Fuzz Universe?

    I have a Marshall JMP 2203 that I usually run with the Master volume on about 8 and Preamp volume on 7. It sounds great and all, but I want just a tiny bit more gain and harmonics out of it. The Majik Box Rocket Fuel and Fuzz Universe both seem like really cool pedals to boost the front of the...
  15. 74Evan

    Brazilian rosewood customs??

    Anybody know much about these guitars? This looks super cool.
  16. 74Evan

    Help upgrading pots

    I'm going to put new pots in my deluxe and have decided to go with the RS Guitarworks 500K 'Super pots' for the volumes as those have a taper specifically made for the volume control. Tone pots I'm going to go with the CTS 500k Audio pots. But before I order them I have some questions. 1. My...
  17. 74Evan

    p90 sized humbuckers?

    So I have an old deluxe with a set of 1972 p90s which sound great and all but I can't get past the annoying hum and I do not want to route it. I often play very loud and with a lot of distortion through a Marshall 2203 half-stack with a boost in the front. GNR, Megadeth, Metallica, some Ozzy...
  18. 74Evan

    Poll: How many users on here are full time musicians?

    Just curious since there are a lot of people on this forum. How many of you guys are full time musicians? As in you play, record, etc. for a living.
  19. 74Evan

    Pickguard or no pickguard? I can't decide!

    I've always been one to go for traditional looks, but I recently took the pickguard off to polish the finish up and I haven't put it back on..... I can't decide whether to leave it off or put it back on :dunno: What do you guys think? Also on a side note, how rare are two piece center seam top...
  20. 74Evan

    What kind of bridge is this?

    I went over to my friends house the other day and played his Les Paul. It's an 82 standard. Anyway, it played great but I've never seen this kind of bridge before. What brand/style is it? And does it do anything to the tone as opposed to an ABR-1 or tune-o-matic?

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