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  1. bbaug14

    SOLD: Ron Ellis Signature Humbuckers w/Lightly Aged Covers

    Cleaning out some parts I’ve been hanging onto. See photos below. Hit me up with questions via PM. Lead lengths are 11” on the bridge and 13.5” on the neck. Looking for $900 shipped/ppl’d. No Trades. Thanks!!!
  2. bbaug14

    SOLD: Throbak SLE-101 MKV Humbucker Pickups w/Aged Nickel Covers

    Lightly aged Throbak SLE-101 MKVs. These came out of a brand new McInturff Carolina Custom right after Terry delivered the guitar to me. Bridge lead length is 8.5” and neck lead length is 13.5”. Looking for $425 shipped/ppl’d. Would consider trade for ReWind PAF-1 set, but that’s it. PM...
  3. bbaug14

    Rewind PAF-1 vs Throbak SLE-101 Plus

    Anybody had both? I’m curious how they compare. I have a set of Throbak SLE-101s currently (regular ones, not the plus) and I’m not a fan. To muddy/squishy in the low end. Not enough mid projection. I typically play Wizz, but was looking at these two for an LP. Would love to hear from people who...
  4. bbaug14

    SOLD: Colby Mod Machine M22/100

    Excellent to mint condition. I would say mint, but there is a small bump in the tolex that isn’t from use, but from the factory like a particle of sawdust got trapped under the tolex. Recently re-tubed. One of very few amps I’ve owned more than once. Really is a Swiss Army knife of Marshall...
  5. bbaug14

    SOLD: Collings I-35LC Aged Blonde w/Throbaks

    Mint condition. Zero play wear. Comes with case, COA, etc. Only moving to get one with the 60s neck. Looking for $5000 shipped/ppl’d. No trades. PM with questions. Thanks.
  6. bbaug14

    SOLD: Vaschenko / Protocaster 58 Explorer

    Up for sale is a guitar I commissioned from Vaschenko to be a 58 Explorer replica. Build thread at the link below. [] When the guitar arrived, the neck was slightly too wide in terms of fretboard width...
  7. bbaug14

    SOLD: Bartlett Retrospec

    The sell off continues... I bought this guitar used from the original owner. It’s a fantastic guitar and the tone is what you’d expect from a nice vintage LP. I actually have two Retrospecs and am forced to sell one due to circumstances (kids). I’m keeping the other one simply due to the...
  8. bbaug14

    SOLD: Protocaster Blackguard Telecaster

    This guitar was built new in the middle of 2019. I was in the market for a blackguard Tele at the time, and went with Josh because I’d heard great things. He did not disappoint and this guitar is exceptional. Beautiful realistic aging, weather checking, sounds fantastic, and plays like a...
  9. bbaug14


    Looking for a set of OX4 pickups (regular or hot duane) with aged nickel covers. If you've got a set, message me. Thanks.
  10. bbaug14

    SOLD: (PRICE DROP) Vaschenko Stratocaster

    This guitar is brand new. Just received it from Valery. Unfortunately, circumstances require it's sale (kids). It's an amazing S-type guitar. Brazillian board, Throbak pickups, Callaham parts. PM me with questions. Build details, build photos, and additional completed photos at the link...
  11. bbaug14

    SOLD: Vaschenko 59 Les Paul Darkburst Replica (Starr Guitars Finish)

    Up for sale is a completely mint Vaschenko 59 Les Paul that I had finished by Starr Guitars. If you aren't familiar with Kip at Starr Guitars, you should look him up. He used to do the Historic Makeovers and having had both now, I feel that Starr Guitars does it better. The guitar is made from...
  12. bbaug14

    SOLD: Germino Lead 55 (LV) w/Merren & Mustards

    This is a custom built lead 55 with Merren power transformer, output transformer, and choke. It also has NOS mustard caps. It also sports bakelite Scott knobs Marshall used on their amps in the 60’s. It also has the Torotor style switches. Both the knobs and the switches make the amp look...
  13. bbaug14

    NGD - Vaschenko LP finished by Starr Guitars (Pic Heavy)

    This guitar is a Vaschenko build. The wood work and build quality are impeccable, as are with all his builds. I did not have Valery do the finish work on this one though, as I was going for an aged burst look utilizing the same techniques used to finish original 50s style single cuts, and...
  14. bbaug14

    SOLD: Gibson ES-335 1963 Historic Reissue w/Bigsby

    Awesome guitar from the Memphis Custom Shop. Factory aged hardware/finish. No fret wear. Has a 59 spec neck which is rare for these. Very comfortable and plays and sounds fantastic. Has nickle saddles currently but the nylon saddles are included. Great condition with a few scuff marks here and...
  15. bbaug14

    SOLD: Germino Headroom 100

    Fantastic amp. Absolutely mint condition. Lead spec. Very low hours. I just play the 50W I have more. Never gigged. Looking for $2200 shipped/ppl'd/insured (OBO). May consider a trade for a Whitfill Blackguard with a slim/medium neck. Thanks. 37558 by bbaug14 posted Oct 29, 2018 at 9:50 AM37561...
  16. bbaug14

    SOLD: Carr Mercury V (Head)

    The sell off continues. Mint condition (aside from a little dust). Head version, which you don't see for sale too often. This amp is very impressive and equally versitile. Never gigged. Looking for $1950 shipped/ppl'd (OBO). Ships in original packaging. PM me with questions. Would consider a...
  17. bbaug14


    I’ve been in the process of moving a lot of choice gear in the last several months. I just have way too much gear. I’m not gigging anymore and I’m clearing out a bunch of stuff now that kids have taken over my life. This is an absolutely fantastic guitar I received earlier this year. It's...
  18. bbaug14

    SOLD: PRICE DROP - Ceriatone AH50 Deluxe (Friedman Clone)

    I ordered this as a custom build since Nik isn’t making these and most likely will not be for a very long time, if ever, based on our conversations. It took a lot longer to get than we had anticipated going in, and honestly I just don’t need it anymore now that it’s here. My needs have changed...
  19. bbaug14

    SOLD: Carol Ann SD-60 Head (PRICE DROP)

    This amp is a monster. It’s capable of doing just about any tones you want, outside of hard metal. I’ve owned both the Tucana 3 and the latest Triptik 2, and I would put this amp in the middle of those two in terms of gain available and voicing. The Tucana is a bit more modern, and the Triptik...
  20. bbaug14

    SOLD: Suhr SL67 50W Head

    Amp is in excellent condition with no issues. Awesome Plexi. Looking for $1900 shipped/ppl'd (OBO). No trades. PM with any questions. Thanks!!! 4FB499D2-8B38-4C91-A6C6-B378C66B2B4F by bbaug14 posted Aug 20, 2018 at 1:49 PM ACA9C404-3139-4511-9DA8-09C3D1C8DD9C by bbaug14 posted Aug 20, 2018 at...

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